Desperate Housewives 4/19

The ladies share some memories of Edie as her life hangs in the balance.


I’m sad to see Edie go. She was definitely the most interesting character on the show.

Whatever happened with the camping trip? Edie’s evil husband, Edie, Mike, and Katherine were all supposed to go.

I was doing the dishes when DH came on, and was only listening. I thought somehow she died at the camping trip.

Then I watched the DVR recording this morning. It was a good episode, I thought. Even Edie’s good side was kinda skewed! :wink:

They went. Mr. Evil called the police (or whoever) and warned them of some illegal hunting on the campgrounds. He then sent Mike and Katherine out on a hike together without him and stalked them. He was about to shoot Katherine when something distracted him and he missed, prompting Mike and Katherine to freak out and the camping trip to end.

Edie, at home, discovered that Mike Delfino was responsible for Dave Williams’ first wife and child’s death and put two and two together. She sent him a text saying “I know everything. Get home now!” just as he was about to pull the trigger on Katherine. When he returned home, they fought, he hit her and she ran out. She sped off and hit the telephone pole, which ultimately led to her death.


I thought the episode last night was “meh.” They already did a much better job at recreating flashbacks with the plumber who died suddenly. And then they had Edie and Susan locked in the basement and softened Edie up a bit. So this, to me, neither advanced the plot nor was particularly enlightening.

And why did the women dispose of her ashes? Where in the world was her husband, Dave? They acted as if he didn’t exist.

I see that Marc Cherry has stated that Edie’s death was due to him being under pressure from the network to reduce costs on the show. I think Katherine dying would have been a much better way to do that. Her character was redundant from the get-go (Cherry originally wanted Dana Delaney in the part of Bree) and Edie was one of the few interesting characters left.

I agree that the episode wasn’t as good as it should have been. Why wouldn’t her husband taken the ashes?