Desperate mom of twins calls police when she can't tell them apart

as someone who knew twins that identical until they had kids themselves, I can totally relate (I’m not sure but I might have made out with both of them one night because after a bottle of md 2020 I was more confused than usual and no they’ve never told me yes or no I just get a smile and asked … well if you liked it why complain?)

Although she called the national identification registry and not an actual police station

So the actual story is that a non-desperate mom of twins didn’t call the police, it’s just that the police are helping her by fingerprinting them.

But I’ll forgive the clickbait headline, it’s an interesting story.

you know i have my baby footprints on my birth certificate and so do my brothers and her kids were born in new york so do they not do that anymore or?
. there’s a daily mail link that goes into more detail but since that place is well ick …for instance they found a beach pic of the mom in a skimpy bikini

I’ve only ever seen those on the souvenir birth certificates that hospitals give out, not the actual legal birth certificate.

So what is the usual way for parents of twins to identify them?

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sorry about that it was meant to illustrate how hard it could be to tell twins apart even as an adult …

Just a guess, but aren’t thinks like freckles/moles and other birth marks different from person to person, even on twins?

Give 'em a tattoo when they’re old enough. But I can see an issue there too. It would depend on the honor system of which being which. I wonder how a tattoo place or a bank would handle the issue.

Reminds me of an old Ray Romano standup bit where he said his mother used to put a little sharpie mark on one of the twins when she babysat them.

I used to coach a team that identical twins on it. One of the twins had a birthmark on her arm, where her sister didn’t. That really helped with quick identification.

Earrings (on girls), Sharpie marks, sometimes a teeeeensy tattoo in an inconspicuous spot like a toe, bracelets … people get creative.

Birthmarks are (obviously :slight_smile: ) from birth. So they’d be individual. But they’re also rather rare on humans in general so many twin pairs won’t have any.

Freckles and moles are more environmental / experiential. Newborns won’t have them but e.g. 10yos will.

Which leaves parents of really identical ones with a dilemma. Not one I’ve ever had to solve, so I’ll shut up now.

There was also an episode of My Three Sons in which one of the sons had identical triplets and then wasn’t able to tell them apart. I think in the show they used the footprints taken at the hospital at birth to identify them and then used hospital bracelets.

BTW, how long before differences in mood or behavior makes the difference obvious?

They used that exact plot (with twins, not triplets) on Full House.

Parents of one set of twins I know had tiny tattoos put on their twins’ heels. Left foot of one, right foot of the other. Less than a millimeter diameter.

Guess we have another argument for not dressing identical twins identically (though it’s not immediately clear from the linked story that these twins were in that category).

Use different-colored onesies, no sweat. Or just dye one of 'em blue with food coloring till they get a bit older.

Just don’t ever get them both naked at the same time.

Which would be a funny plot line for a sitcom. Two e.g. 12yo twins discover somehow that one day when they were infants the parents got them confused and so ever since Lilly has really been Lori all these years and vice versa. The two kids decide to switch whole identities, not just names, back to their true origin but of course by now their personalities are too different for that to work out. Hijinks ensue.

Twin comedians Randy and Jason Sklar told a story on their podcast that and one point when they were babies whatever special mark their mom used was washed off, and she couldn’t tell them apart. She just decided to pick which one was which so there’s a 50% chance they switched names.

A tattoo artist friend of mine had parents of newborns ask him to do this. He declined. He had a shop minimum of $100 to do a tattoo, to cover himself for people who backed out in the first 5 minutes. He’d feel ridiculous charging them $200 for 30 seconds of time. He also refused to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, and the twins were way too young.