'Desperate' Phillies fan arrested for offering sex in exchange for World Series tix

Somebody wanted World Series tickets so badly they offered to do anything for them

of course, the people who answered her ad were undercover cops and now she’s arrested for prostitution.

How is this different from any woman using sex to get what she wants?
And why does this need to be prosecuted?

There is no reason it, or any form of prostitution, needs to be against the law. Let consenting adults be, Congressman Puritan.

Fucking asshole stormtroopers. I hope her lawyer goes for entrapment.

I understand being against prostitution, but do you not see the difference between, say, a woman that wants nice things so she dates rich men and has sex with them in hopes that they will buy her nice things and a women posting an ad where she flatly advertises that she will exchange sex for merchandise?

Because prosecuters prosecute criminals. That’s their job.

What entrapment?

Unless police officers baited her into posting that ad, it seems there was no entrapment.

K fair enough. It’s still ridiculous. You should be able to fuck someone for anything you want. That’s discrimination of the worst kind, telling someone that the one asset that they have no matter what, they aren’t able to capitalize on.

Hey now screwing whoever they want for whatever they want is the realm of lawyers it just wouldn’t be fair if all these unlicensed women went out and did the same thing!

In general I’m against prostitution laws. That said prostitution laws exist and a majority of people want them to continue so I think it’s reasonable for the police to find and prosecute people who wish to sell themselves regardless of what they take in payment.

Diamond Rings, Dresses, and Trips to Tahiti are ok, Phillies Tickets are not.

Had she asked for any of those things in her ad instead of Phillies tickets the outcome would have been the same and you know it. If you’d like to make another argument, then make it.

She should have been booked for fraud. She is not that pretty.Besides she was trying to screw someone out of their tickets.

This is what is known as “daring the police not to arrest you”. They almost have to go after you when you do something stupid like this. Moral right or wrong (and I am 100% behind the legalization of prostitution), it is still illegal and the police have an obligation to interfere. It is, in point of fact, their actual job to do so.

I may believe (and do in fact) that I have a moral right to smoke a doobie. If I placed an ad offering to exchange weed for Phillies tickets, even the most blind-eye John Law has an obligation to get off his ass and come bust me for it. Even if it is really, reeeeeally good weed. Smells like blueberries. Even for nosebleed seats. I am willing to negotiate.

If a person says you must give me these things for a single sexually session it is prostitution. When the offer is extended to people you have never met then there is little doubt it is something other then prostitution.

Has it somehow escaped your attention that every single state in the United States has laws against prostitution? Even Nevada, which legalizes it in some counties, does not offer blanket freedom to engage in prostitution.

So when you say, “You should be able to fuck someone for anything you want,” you’re simply whining about some vision of how you think things should be. You think it should be true, and that’s the extent of your analysis of the issue, huh? And considering your first shot out of the gate was to call the officers stormtroopers and hilariously suggest that the woman was entrapped into advertising the exchange of sex for tickets on Craiglist, I think you’ve made clear the analytical effort you’ve devoted to the issue at hand.

Yes, in my vision of how things should be, I believe in Freedom to exchange the only asset you have in order to better your material situation. If you have nothing else to offer then sex should be a viable option.

Argumentum Ad Hominem is not a stable way to establish the intellectual superiority of one’s position.

Aren’t you normally for the free market anyway?

She didn’t advertise sex, and no, I really don’t see the difference between a woman pretending to be interested in someone just to get material things and being honest and negotiating for said things. In face, I think the latter case is more moral.

The ad didn’t mention sex. It just said she would “do anything” for Phillies tickets–then the cops called and in the insuing conversation, sex came up.

Yes; the latter is being more honest. Prostitution isn’t illegal; honest prostitution is illegal. You can sell sex all you like, as long as you pretend you aren’t.

Ok, that was my initial reading too, but I have a serious head cold and am not thinking very clearly so I let it go. Glad someone else read it the same way I did.

If you’re aware the article you linked to is inaccurate, share with the rest of us. You’re the one that linked to the story that she did mention sex.

Yes, it is.

She posted in the adult services section of Craigslist.

Don’t mangle the comment like that.

In what way am I wrong?

Selling sex is prostitution. It’s illegal. It doesn’t matter if you’re pretending not to as far as what is and isn’t legal is concerned.