Destroying Angel and Other Names

Destroying Angel
Trumpet of Death
Angel of Death
Dead Man’s fingers
Poison Pie
The Devil’s Urn
Witch’s Hat
Death Cap
Autumn Skullcap
Satan’s Mushroom
These could all be bad horror flicks, but they are…
types of mushrooms.Who is naming these things?

One of the above is listed as a prime edible in the mushroom world.Which one would you eat?

Couple of comments I noticed while browsing the mushroom sites:

Dead Man’s Fingers-By the final stages, however, one is more likely to mistake it for something left by a house cat

Stinkhorn-stinkhorns range from looking rather like Morels to appearing like a portion of canine anatomy.
The prime edible is The Trumpet of Death

They sound like death metal bands

Some of them sound vaguely pornographic.

Dead Man’s Fingers


Don’t forget Poison Pie.

Trumpet of death, right? - I think it’s a synonym for Craterellus spp - AKA Horn of Plenty

I saw the mouseover, and thought “City of Heros/Villain’s character names ?”

Funny, I thought these were place names!

(yeah well, I’ve seen Murder Creek and Booger Mountain…)

Those are usually folk names. If you consider that in those backward days illiterate, deeply superstitious and godfearing folk had to name these mysterious, slimey, phallic-shaped growths, growths that were sometimes delicious to eat, sometimes poisonous and often both…I feel they’ve shown remarkable restraint. :slight_smile:

Right. Victims who have survived often report some of the toxic ones are very tastey.
Some more comments I saw where very harsh warnings about the Death Cap-Probably the most dangerous mushroom on earth.
Destroying Angel-Deadly.Will kill you with one bite.

Another one that isn’t as bad sounding as the rest is the Gyromitra esculenta AKA The Brain Mushroom,The Rocket Fuel Mushroom,False morel or(what we call around here)Beefsteak.Desribed as the “Fugu of the Finnish Kitchen” and are listed in the edibility category as a choice edible or deadly.
They are very common here,I saw about 50-60 the last two days(along with one Trumpet of Death and a very small Devils Urn) and I know several people that eat them, tho I never have and don’t wanna try.

I note the USAF has a drone called Predator and now a new one call Reaper. Perhaps we could name the next one Stinkhorn?

Really…I thought it was the lineup for this year’s Ozzfest.