Destroying the moon -- missed opportunity!

In this week’s Sraight Dope Column,, Cecil says that with no moon:

Alpha Centauri?! Come on! Isn’t the right answer obvious?
If there were no moon, dogs would have to bay at Sirius, because it’s the Dog Star!!

Oh, c’mon… be Sirious.

I have to put on my thinking-Capella to come up with a good comeback here. Otherwise, you might just rip out my fragile ego and Castor to the wind. I’ll have to be as stealthy as a Wolf 359 in sheep’s clothing. I could get poetic on yer ass, but I’d rather get Procyon you.
tracer, who is still trying to think up a pun for BD +5°1668.

this thread should go in the pit.

Maybe dogs down under could bay to Alpha Centari, but it wouldn’t be visible to dogs in the northern hemisphere.

principessa. Once again, opening threads more than three months old is a no-no. Start a new thread, and link to the old. That’s how you should do it.