Determine web server platform from domain/IP?

I used to have a page bookmarked that corresponded to a service wherein you could type in a domain or IP address and the service would respond with details of the corresponding server’s back end (web server, platform, etc.). Unfortunately, my hard drive melted in April (no longer have my old bookmarks) and I need this service to help out a client who isn’t sure what he’s running on the back end.

Google has been my friend, but seems to be coming up short on this.

Thanks in advance for any help. has that under “Domain Info” - looks like it searches on


Of course, that only really tells you what the front-end, i.e., the machine that is publically accessable, is running. The backend could be a Commodore-64 for all you know.

Netcraft. That was it.

Thanks. You guys rock.

Netcraft confirms it –

oh, I can’t finish it.