Deuterated Compounds

Does anyone here have any idea where one might be able to buy deuterated tris? I’ve looked a bit but haven’t been able to find anything.

Fisher Scientific

I take that back. Sorry. I knew they had tris, and I knew they carried deuterated compounds, but I now see they do not have deuterated tris. Perhaps email them?

I’ve just found out where I can get deuterated tris, but I also would like to find deuterated ferrous ammonium sulfate, if anyone knows.

Have you tried Fischer, Acros, VWR and A&C? I’d be surprised if none of them had it or could tell you where to get it from.

I’m curious, what are you trying to do?

Try Iconisotopes .

yes what are you doing?

I’m an undergraduate working in a biochemistry lab. The people in charge are considering doing some work involving deuterium labeling and I was asked to find out approximate prices for a list of compounds that would be used. I found most of them, but had some trouble with the last two. I think I’ve found out a solution for both tris and ferrous ammonium sulfate now though. Thanks everyone.

Well, you could always make this guy drink a lot of glasses of D[sub]2[/sub]O. :wink:

You have to wait two years, though.


It cant be that difficult to make it yourself. I cant imagine anyone sells it, so take some normal ferrous ammonia sulfate, add to an excess of D2O, allow 1 h for complete D-H exchange, vacuum off water and D2O - presto, instant deuterated salt.

I understand your concept here but are you certain the exchange rates are that quick? I suppose it couldn’t take that long seeing as it is an ammonium ion, but D20 is notably(I think about 7x from my kinetics class) slower than H2O.