Deutscheland not so happy and gay: Kenneth Mars ("The Producers") dies at 75

Well, he’s with his Fuhrer now. I haven’t seen much of Mars’ work outside of The Producers and Young Frankenstein, but he’s a scream in both of those movies. Disney fans may also remember him as King Triton in The Little Mermaid, and he had a recurring role on Malcolm and the Middle, which teamed him up with Chloris “Frau Blucher” Leachman again.

So here’s to Kenneth Mars - that was good crazy!

He was the voice of Grandfather in the Land Before Time movies, too. And he had appeared with many of the Young Frankenstein crowd (before that picture was made) in the Barbara Streisand vehicle What’s Up, Doc.

Farewell, my faithfull Indian companion.

Awww…I was just watching him in Malcolm this morning before work.

“Footschteps, footschteps!..”


… awww. What a shame; he created some gloriously memorable and over-the-top characters. RIP.

I became a fan with his portrayal for playing Harry the fireman in He and She about a year before The Producers. A fine comic actor.

Aw. Young Frankenstein is my favorite movie. I also loved him on Malcolm in the Middle.

One of my all time favorite bits is in the courtroom scene in What’s up, Doc?
“And then there was the trouble between me and Hugh”
"You and me?
“No, me and Hugh”
“Who is you?”
“I am Hugh”
“You are me?”
“NO! I am Hugh!”
“Stop saying that. Make him stop saying that.”
“You can’t talk to me that way. I’m a doctor.”
“Of what?”
“Can you fix a hi-fi?”
“Then shut up.”

Yes, I was coming in to remember him fondly from What’s Up, Doc?. His imperious manner and practiced hair-flip was a wonder to behold. Here you go:

Curse you (and Elendil’s Heir) for posting what I came here to post. I loved that exchange, it sums up what was great about Kenneth Mars. Occasionally I use the line “I am Hugh” but no one ever gets the reference.

Not many people know it, but Kenneth Mars was a terrific dancer.

That’s funny, because I’ll sometimes say “Who is Hugh” to no one in particular. By the way, the bailiff in that scene that grabbed Kenneth Mars was M. Emmet Walsh.

Let’s not forget “William W.D. ‘Bud’ Prize” in “Fernwood 2Nite”


…and a painter. He could do an entire apartment in one afternoon – two coats!

I just came in to say I thought he died years ago.
I may have mixed him up with Dick Shawn, but I’m not sure. They both played in The Producers so it’s not like I thought they were the same person. Just that I mixed up the death notices.

“He vill curssse ze dey he vas brrnn a Fronkensteen!”