Developers are driving our ghosts away!

In my town, Springfield, Missouri, there is a shady country lane that runs past a civil war era farm at the foot of a hill, known as the Albino Farm. There used to be an old one land stone bridge at the foot of this hill. Legend has it a family of albinos lived very reclusive lives there because they were not accepted by either the white or the black population. The legend also has it that travelers who stayed at the Albino Farm would ‘disappear’. The ghosts of the people the albinos ‘disposed of’ haunt the farm and the bridge below. We would drive along this country lane at night and it really was a spooky place to hang out, even in daytime. There are big, old trees and a rock fence dating back to the Civil War. Thing is, the bridge has been bypassed and torn down, and the road re-routed over a new, two lane bridge. And the farm is being encroached on by a new upscale subdivision. The spooky trees that surrounded the farm are being cut down to make room for more development. I don’ necessarily believe in ghosts, but how can anybody be afraid of a freakin’ subdivision, or a new concrete bridge? Even ghosts should have the right to live somewhere. If there are such things as ghosts, I hope they haunt the developer of this subdivision for the rest of his natural days!

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