There is a place (bar, maybe) somewhat nearby that is advertising Bob’s Devival.
Is this something me, a christian, should stay away from?
How about taking my 10 year old son?
Bob Dobbs that is.

Yes, Keep your 10 year old son very far away from Bob Dobbs.

He’s going to have enough slack in him as it is when he gets to be 16. No sense in encouraging it.

You’re dealing with the Church of the Subgenius. You’d probably want to avoid them.

High-larious, for those playing along at home.

not going.

Ah, yes, the Church of the Subgenius (Kill Bob.). The thing, y’see (Kill Bob.) about the Church of the Subgenius (Kill Bob.) is that I’d say that at least some of the practices (Kill Bob.) of the Church of the Subgenius would probably peg the “naughty-meter” of most people (Kill Bob.) with a Christian set of rules. I know that I’d be (Kill Bob.) risking some no-nos were I to attend at least some of the goings-on (Kill Bob.) to be found in some devivals. Generally, we have two classes of naughty: There is the outright blasphemy, but that’s usually more on the level of “Ooh, ain’t we all just SOOOO naughty to say this stuff, tee hee?” of blasphemy. And then there is the everybody getting naked in a large pool of liquid with naughty intent activity.

Needless to say, while the former might not pose a threat to a fairly sophisticated Christian (and a 10-year-old would not count), the latter is usually on the “don’t do this sort of thing” list in most Christian groups.

I had a long and winding path to the Orthodox Church–let’s just leave it at that.
PS: Kill Bob.

The Conspiracy[sup]TM[/sup] has infiltrated this board heavily.

If you do not devive him now, it will only be worse later. Heed my words and fear the Stark Fist of Removal[sup]TM[/sup].
The Fighting Jesus[sup]TM[/sup] is coming!!

When Xday ariives I’ll be laughing with my Alien Sex Slaves[sup]TM[/sup].

I’ve got a Triple Money Back Guarantee[sup]TM[/sup] on my Salvation[sup]TM[/sup].

What about you?

When you meet “Bob”, kill him, for only then will you know if it is “Bob”.

Don’t just eat that hamburger–eat the Hell out of it!

When he saw construction workers, he would go up to them and say “Stop shitting in a BOX! Just drop your pants and do it on the GROUND!” He was a very earthy Messiah.

One of his sermons consisted of staring blankly at his audience while pissing his pants.

J. R. “Bob” Dobbs: inspired madman or complete jackass?

July 5, 1998 has come and gone.
From what I heard, they moved their HQ from Dallas TX to Cleveland!
Gotta be crazy.

1998 was an accident. It was read upside down. The real year is 8661.

Blaspheming Pinks!

Good thing I still have my ticket.