Devout Shaving

According to a column in the New York Times, devout Pakistani Muslim Men shave their armpits and pubic hair but not their beards. WHY? Do devout Pakistani Muslim women shave anywhere? Where do the men leave off shaving? Are hairy bellies ok? what about hairy buttocks?

Does anyone know what all religions require pubic shaving?


Does anyone have any answers to my questions? I am curious.

Muslims, both men and women, shave armpit hair and pubic hair regularly. It isn’t just Pakistan but applies to the whole Muslim world. Why? The Prophet included this among the “natural practices” (fitrah) of basic bodily hygiene, along with clipping fingernails, circumcision, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

In some ways, isn’t a beard less hygenic than armpit hair? I know oils and other stuff can build up there, but food can get caught in your beard… Or am I confused?

Yes, Speaker, and Jews don’t need to keep kosher anymore because of advances in refrigeration. Yet, many of them still do, because it’s the tradition and is set forth in their holy books.

Don’t try to apply logic to religious practice. It’ll only get you killed.