DFW Metroplex Dopers - Can I make a nuts-and-bolts suggestion?

Every so often I come here looking for a thread about a get-together those of us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are planning, or some other thread of note to people in said area.

The thread title usually includes some variation on “DFW Dopers - (insert detail here).” Here’s my problem: I don’t read the boards as religiously as I used to, and if the thread has dropped off the front page, I may miss it. Ordinarily I could search for the thread… but the only constant in the titles of threads of this nature is “DFW,” and you can’t use that as a search keyword because it’s too short.

So here’s my suggestion. When we put official threads in here, could we say “Metroplex Dopers - etc., etc.” instead of “DFW Dopers - etc., etc.” from now on? it would make it much easier to find the thread and give it a bump if needed.

[frank bartles]Thank you for your support.[/frank bartles]

Or you could sign up at the DFW Adams Family forum and get an email.

Oh, I’m on that list - but I’m too lazy to keep all those URLs of individual threads in my head, and I may want to visit one of them from somewhere other than my PC at home.

I, for one, would never remember ‘Metroplex’. That sounds like it could be anywhere.

You could search on ‘DFW*’ to get the three letters.