Diabetic Cooking Problems with chemo

sigh I am getting tired of the fascination of people with coconut [milk/flour/sugar] and palm oil/shortening showing up in pretty much everything, and a vast number of recipes for people interested in eating healthier for various reasons. Being diabetic, I need lower fat, lowest junk carb, protein controlled recipes [optimally]

Being deathly allergic, mushrooms are out for the obvious reason. I have to avoid pretty much anything premade because the whole ‘coconut/palm is the new super food’. I have to make sure that fish sauce and ‘natural flavoring’ is not involved [frequently mushroom powder is used to boost umami since MSG is eeeeeevil, yet fish sauce and mushrooms contain MSG] which means I am pretty much constantly contacting the manufacturers to make sure that I can eat the product. I also have to constantly reread the damned ingredients because they will change ingredients - did you know that many convenience cheese containing foods designed to be reheated or finished at home have palm oil blended into the cheese to make it melt easier and evener?

Getting ready for the chemo shuffle to restart, I know I will most likely end up with the same dietary and nutritional issues, and the same limiting in what I can actually manage to eat. This is not going to be fun. We are clearing out the small freezer next to the kitchen space, and it is getting prefilled with mini quiches [egg muffins to most people] small containers of beef, pork and chicken stew [heavy on the barley instead of taters, precious] brown rice congee [heavy on the ginger and garlic, and oddly with the little black chickens - we got a half dozen at the chinese grocery on sale last week] and little tubs of homemade full fat greek yoghurt [for med sludge] and a shelf full of tubs of apple sauce, mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, peach chunks and pear chunks, carnation instant breakfast [for t he medsludge] a new gallon jug of oat flour, one of flax seed meal, and new bottles of the various vitamins and suppliments.

I really hate that what I will be able to eat is not more diabetic friendly, and that we have to pretty much cook and freeze our own grab and go foods for me.

I feel for you. Maybe look at the Forks over Knives website for easy, crap-free vegetarian recipes. A person can always throw an animal in them.

Would riced cauliflower be a good ingredient for you? I have a trivia book somewhere that claims that if you order cauliflower in the UK they bring you broccoli so let’s be clear: I’m talking about the white stuff. Substitute it in recipes for rice, potato? I like it nuked, melt some gouda and stir it up little darlin’.

Veggies offer antioxidants that help keep health complications at bay, and nonstarchy sources, like these can help stabilize blood sugar levels. To help lower your A1C, reach for these top vegetables for type 2 diabetics.

Mrs. L has been dabbling with riced broccoli as well, which she found at Sprouts. She adds onion, cheese, sautees it.

I use foodgawker which digests hundreds of bloggers - but they get into fads [um, apparently kale is back, and the juicing fruit of the month seems to be watermelon of all things to juice.] I just wish that manufacturers woulld stop jumping on the woo-food bandwagon, there is no such thing as a superfood - nothing is going to cure anything by eating blueberries or kale [you need a balance of foods, sheesh.]

already do it as rice, as faux mashed taters and in faux tatertots [the broccoli ones are better]

I’m not sure how your comment is a reply to my suggestion. Forks over Knives is vegetarian, focused on whole foods (so you don’t get hidden sugars, etc.), and the recipes generally taste good.

Not sure exactly how to unpack my thinking coherently … but I use a resource that compiles hundreds of food bloggers/pages with a pretty decent search engine so I can target for what I want to cook so I don’t fall into the same 20 recipes. Unfortunately it seems that lately everybody who normally tries to cook healthy is shuffling the same ingredients with the added torment of cooking everything with palm/coconut oil, coconut nondairy in place of dairy, and following much the same superfood crap. I suppose I am just also crabby because I had hoped the cancer was gone from my life other than frequent monitoring … but short of hiring a private chef I have to deal with the same damned issues all over again, without the benefit many people have of just opening a can or box and nuking.