Diagnose my cat's malady

OK, I am taking him to the vet since it’s time for his shots anyway, but I’d be interested in any informed opinions to let me know what else I might be looking at.

He’s been favoring his right hind leg for some time. I noticed several months ago when he seemed “flicked” it around one time when he walked by, the same way you might flick your hand around when you’ve touched something hot.

I’d seen him do in several times since then, but now it’s been a while. Now he just seems to favor it. He’s not actually limping, but it seems that something is bothering him. I think his ability to jump is mostly gone now. Now, if he want’s to hop up on the bed, couch, chair, he pulls himself up.

There is no swelling, weeping, or any sign of sore or abscess on his leg or anywhere else (been thru a number of them in his 14½ years on this earth). I suspect arthritis. Any other opinions?

It could be Feline Hip Dysplasia, but arthritis is also a good possiblilty. 14+ is old for a cat and everything starts falling apart.