Dial-up internet and wifi

How would I go about setting up wifi for my computer and Wii if I have dial up? What would I need to get that going?

There are dial-up routers out there that do this. Any dial-up router can be plugged into a wireless access point. I think they float around $100, which is 2 or 3 months of DSL service.

I dont recommend it. 56k at best is like 3 or 4 kb/sec. Just the OS update to the wii will take hours (days?) and you can pretty much forget any online playing or downloading of online games.

If you want to save money, I bet you could just bridge the two adapters and use your PC as a wireless access point. I believe XP only supports WEP, but 7 uses WPA.

First, you need to understand that it’s going to run like crap. I can’t imagine there’s anything running on the Wii that’s going to be successful on dial-up. OK.

Next, you need either a server or a compatible modem/router pair. Either that or a really old Apple AirPort with a built-in modem.

The “server” is actually just a PC running Internet Connection Sharing, a component of Windows. That computer will host the other connections. This is good if you have a spare lying around.

To use a router, you’ll need an external modem, a router, and a connection between the two. On the rare occasions that this is done, it’s usually using a serial data port like USB or RS-232. I don’t think there’s any router made that will accept the phone cord output from your average modem.

You’ll also need a wireless access point. This is how your “server” will share its connection with other devices. If you go with a router, a WAP may be built into the router, or you might have to buy a separate WAP; again, I don’t know if anyone is actually making a wireless router that will connect to an analog modem, but ZoomaAir and SMC used to (you might find one on eBay).

Be careful searching for a “wireless USB modem,” as such a device is wireless like a cell phone, not wireless like a router.

Microsoft has released a support patch for XP available here.

Jeez this is sounding complicated.

I can’t get DSL, not yet, where I live, and there is no cable or other decent option besides satellite internet, which doesn’t work very well where I am (75424).

I basically would like to get the Wii hooked up to where I could download the games for NES and the other old systems. I have a HP Touchsmart with an external USB modem, it just has a phone port on it… its sort of a floppy affair. Could I just download the Wii stuff onto a SD card and pop it into the Wii for purchases? That would work probably the best if I could do that, but I can’t find a place that says if you can or not.