Dialing a landline and cell phone in Mexico from the US

Ok, quick question–I need give someone in the States the land and cell numbers for someone in Saltillo, Coahuila. How should I change these:

Office: 844-XXX-XXXX
Cell: 044-844-XXX-XXXX

Where XXX-XXXX is the person’s actual number.

Yes, fwiw, the numbers were given in an XXX-XXXX format, though I think an XXX XX XX format is more typical.

Mexico is country code 52, so the numbers would be +52 844 xxx xx xx. To call this number from the US, dial 011-52-844-xxx-xx-xx. If I’m reading the linked page at WTNG correctly, the 044 appears to be a cellular access code usable in Mexico only.

World Telephone Numbering Guide on Mexico

Thanks. I Googled for this earlier and got at least three different ways to make an international call to a Mexico cell phone. I think that the 044 prefix is dropped when calling from outside the country, so that’s what I’m going with.

Is the number a mobile phone? After blundering around on the Telmex web pages for a while, I found the thing where you put state and city names in to get the area code, and it said that the area code for Saltillo is 844. Are the numbers of Mexican mobile phones intermixed with those of landlines, as in the US and Canada?

In Mexico a few years back, all the mommies and daddies got upset that their kids were running up their cell phone bills, so Mexico enacted a caller-pays system. That caused the 044 prefix to be added when calling any cell phone from within Mexico. From outside of Mexico, the cell phone companies participate in the international fee sharing, and so they’re treated as regular phone calls.

That means that in Mexico to call a cell phone, the 044 is required, and from outside of Mexico, it’s not required. If you’re in Mexico with an American cell phone, it’s also not required. I’m pretty sure (but not certain) that cellular to cellular calls don’t require the 044 prefix either when in Mexico.

Saltillo – they wouldn’t be a Chrysler or GM worker or supplier, would they? I’ve got some friends living in Saltillo now. I’m getting hungry thinking of the place.

Balthisar, I wish that I could have said hi to your friends. Maybe I can next time. My son and I were in Coahuila last week visiting an orphanage and building a church, and my son was injured while we were working on the church. I’m providing a referral for the doctor who treated his hand. For what it’s worth, we ate like kings while we were there, even though we were sleeping in cots.

All, thanks for the help.