Diamonds Are NOT A Girl's Best Friend!

The diamond cartel is, all by itself, one of the reasons I thank all powers daily that I’m gay. (Of course, I should also say I’m thankful that I wasn’t born Liberace…or Elton John… or…)

Anyway, my favorite Engagement Ring from Hell story concerns a couple of acquaintances from law school. We’ll call them Cinderella and Cruella. Cruella was a nasty, prissy young woman from an old Southern family that had little money, but a good name and the accompanying pretentions. She met her future husband, an investment banker, before she started law school. They were engaged during her third year, and he gave her a nice sized ring.

Cinderalla, one of Cruella’s classmates, was a very nice, modest young woman from Nebraska who met her future husband in law school. He was a year ahead. During her third year they got engaged; although not particularly wealthy himself, he decided to devote a handsome portion of his first-year salary (after living expenses and loans) to a large, high-quality rock. Cinderalla was thrilled, but also a bit uncomfortable - it was a little ostentatious, and might make her a target for crime.

Cruella became terribly jealous of Cinderella’s ring. After all, her fiance was a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, not some nobody first-year law associate! So Cruella made the fiance go out and buy a bigger ring, and kept the smaller ring, too.

An aside: Cruella’s family was, I believe, protestant (very WASP-y name, anyway). Her fiance was Jewish. She was overheard one day talking about her wedding plans, complaining that her husband was objecting to her site choice - a prominent Manhattan club known for forbidding Jewish members. “But the food is so much better!” she whined, “and the head of catering is black!”

I never was sure what the second point was supposed to mean.

Oooo…garnets are my downfall.
None of those pale ones, either. The ones that are blood-red or darker…you know, the cheap ones. Those are my favorites. I’ve never liked diamonds. They have no personality. Garnets, malachite, and lapis.

…and Manda JO, I had no idea that such things were happening. That’s terrible. I’m going to go make myself more aware now.

I mean, it’s probably a safe assumption that most of the “staff” weren’t white!

Diamond’s may not be DeBeers’ best friends in the long term either.

Any decade now the nanotech folks will come up with a process for making bulk carbon crystal and composite structures, and diamond will become another industrial material, like aluminum. If I was high up in DeBeers, I’d be dusting off the long-term diversification plans around now…

Arrgghh! I can’t believe I committed the ultimate make-you-look-stupid apostrophe error! “Diamonds”, no apostrophe! Bad Sunspace! Bad!

No. I hadn’t realized that, but I still don’t particularly care that diamond mines are a horrible place to work.

it is true that diamonds are rather plentiful. debeer’s does very well at keeping them scarce.

on a class trip to the academy of natural sciences in elem. school, our teacher as a treat, bought us all diamonds. they were "diamond dust " type the kind that end up in industry not fingers. each diamond cost her a dime! i still have mine. it is very roughly cut, with a bit of a cloudy smudge in it, and no sparkle at all, except for the ones in my eyes whenever i think about it and look at it.

if you really want a diamond and don’t want to deal with debeers and don’t want to wonder who slaved in a mine for it; may i suggest arkansas. crater of diamonds state park had acres of dirt for you to sift and find a diamond in. not to mention other gemstones. any stones you find are your’s to keep. not to mention the great story you can tell as you show it off.

I think my cousin went to a diamond mine in Brazil or something-he found a diamond and had it made into an engagement ring for his now-wife.

Diamonds are OKAY, but I like colored stones better. I wear a lot of costume jewelry-I LOVE dark blue sapphires, and blue diamonds. Diamonds look prettier as accent stones, me thinks. Give me COLOR. And marcasite…ah…
Really, just something simple and unique. I love big gaudy colorful costume jewelry stuff.

Great topic, Zenster!
I DO care about the deplorable suffering DeBeers inflicts to get their diamonds, and their equally deplorable business practices. They’re canny, ruthless survivors but so are tape worms.

Their marketing has been brilliant. Being a born contrarian when it comes to ad campaigns, I’m thoroughly turned off by their schlock. The equation of “in love” with “buy diamonds” conveys to me greed and lack of taste on the part of women and a dismal lack of imagination and thought in men. “Show her how much you love her” Feh! It’s default sentimentality: overpriced and generic.

The Ex gave me a diamond when we got engaged. I didn’t want a diamond but he insisted. If it’s an engagement ring it has to be a diamond. Sad thing is he insisted because he thought it was proper, as if any other stone wouldn’t be official. Even sadder, I didn’t want a stone at all but that would have been “cheap”.

I wear very little jewelery. The only two rings I wear (not at the same time) are a tiny gold and pearls ring made by a great-uncle and an abstract silver ring. The gems I like most are smoked topaz, jade, amber and pearls.


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“That’s unpossible!”

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I gotta say that I prefer diamonds only because they go with everything, kinda like Gap t-shirts and Keds sneakers.

I have very simple taste when it comes to jewelry and the last thing I want to be concerned about is if my jewelry clashes with my outfit.

I wear a pair of plain diamond studs that don’t come out of my ears except for cleaning. My husband gave me those when ToddlerNym was born.

My husband allowed me to choose my own engagement ring and I chose one of those “invisible set” bands (similar to this: but with only two rows of diamonds) because I liked the simplicity and didn’t want two seperate rings.

Lastly, I wear an Omega watch that Hubby got for my 30th b-day, but it’s mostly stainless steel. Before that, I wore a Fossil.

I have a necklace that I love, it’s three practically invisible gold wires and each has a tiny bezel set diamond that slides freely, but I only wear that when I dress up.

I don’t want (nor would I wear) anything else.

It’s a pity too, because Hubby really likes to buy me jewelry. One year for Valentine’s Day he bought me one of those diamond heart pendants, and I returned it…told him I’d prefer a sewing machine. This year for X-mas, he finally got a clue and got me a chrome Kitchen Aid stand mixer…I think it’s the bomb!

Anyhoo, even though I prefer diamonds, I DO think DeBeers is way out of control and the general public is sucked in by the madness. Most people don’t realize HOW overpriced diamonds are (and jewelry in general).

When I worked in jewelry, it was amazing that people would come in and buy at the retail price, w/o question. It seems DeBeers has everyone so focused on the “4 C’s”, the forget to do their homework about anything else.

As a woman, I don’t go gaga over diamonds or gold or over any shiney things. I wear one ring, and four gold and silver studs in my ears.

They (diamonds) are nice to have but not what turns me on when it comes to life or love. I have always vowed, along with my other non-traditional beliefs, that a simple gold or silver band with an inscription inside is enough to make me feel happy to be married to the man I love as a wedding ring.

I don’t get orgasms over diamonds, emeralds or gold. Not all women are into the DeBeers push to sell items that many men can’t afford. I am in love with some of the commercials that show romance but not the product, diamonds. (I think I hear Vivaldi now as I love Vivaldi.)

Anyhow, I will vouch for a few of us women that are more into love and life than pretty things that our men shouldn’t or can’t afford. Damn, if a man wants to show me he cares a simple dinner, and “I love you”, with great sex afterwards is all I require…been there, done that and it’s much more inspiring than a jewel that doesn’t do much but become the envy of friends and co-workers.

diamonds…hmmmm, I’m not exactly “gaa gaa” over them but I have a few I am fond of. I made poor TG find a jeweler make my engagement ring which I drew. The main stone was a CZ with two small baguettes in white gold.(It’s a style you see ALOT of now…but 10 years ago, you NEVER saw it!) 7 years later he replaced the CZ with a diamond for Valentine’s Day…most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, but I almost wish he hadn’t. TG also knows I plan to give this ring to my son, provided I like his girlfriend/fiancee`. My other ring is a family thing. I already know I will pass it along to my daughter and am looking forward to it.(Made in 1920’s timeframe, big yellowish diamond (big to me, 1/3 carat, with 2 baguettes and round diamonds flanking the larger stone set in platinum). I never bought into the “chick with the most rocks when she dies, wins” theory.

That said, I am a HUGE sucker for garnets set in silver and an STILL looking for an old fashioned rhinestone style choker of said materials. To me, that would be an heirloom piece!

Diamonds always look so anonymous…they don’t have much personality.

My personal choice in gemstones has always been my birthstone, the ruby. But not those candy-red created rubies. No, no, no. I want a pigeon-blood red natural ruby set in sterling silver (I’m allergic to gold). It’s damn near impossible to find rubies set in silver, but I’ll find one I like someday. Oh yes.

Try for platinum. (:D) It’s not gold, silver in color, and a ‘fine metal’. (sigh, my daddy would be proud)

Who started the whole diamond as an engagement ring, anyways?

From the OP:

Assuming this is true, (the links to the economist appear to be down), why doesn’t the same apply to the OPEC cartel? I think they would fit under the description of “conspiracy in restraint of trade” under U.S. anti-trust laws.

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Who cares if it’s a “fine metal”? I don’t understand the jewelry business at all. Things are desirable because they’re expensive. What kind of nutty thing is that?

My wedding ring cost $18
My engagement ring was a silver ring with an opal in it, and it cost $60 only because we had it made.

I hate gold (it’s ugly) and I think diamonds are tacky. They’re also boring and silly… I mean a CZ actually reflects more color, it’s prettier than a diamond (it’s higher on the various scales by which diamonds are compared to each other), but it’s not as expensive so people think it’s not as good. I don’t get it.

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** Nutty? 'cuse me.
I’m glad that you’re happy with your wedding ring etc. However, I was responding to some one else who said they were having a difficult time finding a specific fine gemstone and metal combination. I suggested that instead of silver, perhaps platinum, since it’s relatively rare (not impossible, but rare) to find a fine gemstone set in anything other than a fine metal. If one is going to spend a couple of grand for the stone, why would they use the $20 setting? Yes, I know it’s not impossible etc. My posting was offered as a potential solution for the problem as stated.

I had the good fortune to be raised by an extremely talented custom jeweler. I don’t particularly care for diamonds either (see my above comments), however, if some one likes them and has the $$ - hell, it put me through college. Many of the pieces my dad created are breathtakingly beautiful (not all of them were my personal style, but that’s not the point). Fine metals, in the hands of a skilled crafts person can be awesome. His works were desirable, not because they were ‘fine metals’ but because of his skill and talent. The fine metals mentioned can retain a shine and glimmer far beyond say, stainless steel. When combined with a design that enhanced the stones and their settings, the results were worth the price, or at least all of his customers felt that way.

You’re entitled to your opinion and to state same, of course. Especially since this is IMHO.

I dated a jewler for about 4 years and it’s insane the markup on things like stones…

Anyway, I don’t like platinum because it doesn’t tarnish.

If you want an unusual combination, just get the stone and setting separately and have a jeweler set it (or set it yourself).