Diane 35 Birth Control Pill....

The pill is used by women for acne as well as for birth control. Does anyone know how reliable it is for birth control? Also, if a woman is taking the pill, and still gets pregnant, what are the chances that the baby will have birth defects or any other abnormalities?

Everything you ever wanted to know about birth control pills:

From my own knowledge (and IANAD so feel free to correct me), the pill is more then 99% effective if taken correctly and will cause no harm to the baby if you get pregnant while taking it.

There is at least one kind of pill that women sometimes take (or switch too) to clear up bad skin. The one I am thinking of is Ortho Tri Cyclen. It is suppose to be as reliable as the other kinds as far as preventing pregnancy.

just wanted to back up Zumba’s information.
there are actually several pills with several different side effects, ask your doctor (of course). i know a girl who took ortho-tri-cyclean and it gave her the worst cramps she’s ever expereinced. i also know a girl who can’t take anything with progesterine in it because of the ridiculous headaches she gets. it truly is an individual reaction.
99% effective WHEN TAKEN CORRECTLY. this means take it at the same time everyday. that’s really hard to do for some people. if you do get pregnant, stop taking it. the hormones aren’t good for the baby, but AFAIK it won’t cause any birth defects.