Diane Rehm (NPR talk show host) to retire after 2016 election

Story on NPR site: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/12/08/458950184/diane-rehm-to-retire-from-long-running-radio-show

I’ve been a fan of her show for years–I listen to it via podcast. She’s a great interviewer and she always has good guests discussing timely, important, national and international events.

I admire that she persevered despite the voice disorder she developed. I know some here have said they were put off by her voice–I think they’ve been missing a great show. Recently, however, I had noticed that she’s been away more and more often for ‘voice treatments,’ with guest hosts filling in for her, and I wondered if she might end up retiring soon. She lost her husband to Parkinson’s last year.

I’ve also noticed lately she doesn’t seem quite as on-the-ball as she used to be. See the recent (June) incident regarding her incorrect statement about Bernie Sanders and Israeli citizenship for an example. I’ve also heard her make a few other, smaller errors on air.

I’m glad she’s staying on through the elections. I hope NPR can find someone to fill her shoes, with the same intelligence and respect for her audience that Diane shows. She tolerates no guff from her guests–I always really appreciate that.

I’m a big fan of hers. I like a lot of the guest hosts too. I have no idea how lucrative a gig hosting that show is, hope they can lure someone really sharp to take it over. I prefer the show when it sticks more to politics, science and world events. Less interested in the literature and show biz oriented shows.

The problem with replacing her is that few potential new hosts have as much credibility as she has. She easily gets ‘big name’ guests; that won’t be as true of her successor. (But then that’s always the way of it with the changing of the guard, in any profession.)