Dick Cheney: Plan 9 from Outer Space

Dick Cheney is listed in the credits for Plan Nine from Outer Space!

Proof positive of the utter moral depravity of the BushCo…

Source: (not sure how to do this, but…) Search Yahoo, Plan 9, cast list.

Who the hell is Lyle Betger? I remember that name from Mad magazine. WTF?

Um, I think that should be Dick Chaney the wardrobe guy, not Dick Cheney the VP.


You wanna know what’s REALLY wild?

According to the credits on The Simpsons, I’m one of the writers! Golly, I didn’t know that before!

Hint: There are more people on the planet than names. Just in case ya didn’t notice, 'Luc… :smiley:

Lyle Betger was a character actor who invariably played the bad guy, mostly in B Westerns.

Since the Lyle Betger question has been answered, I don’t see any further point to this thread.