Dick Cheney to spend election day going hunting

Story here

I guess the only thing to add is “Watch out!”

Can Bush please join him?

Thank goodness he’s not back in Arkansas.

Damn, beat me to it. I hopped in to post:

(Get it? Get it? Duck? And duck?!)

Okay, I will go to work now.

“It’th not duck theathon, it’th rabbit theathon!”

Republican season!
Democrat season!
Republican season!
Democrat season!
Democrat season!
Republican season! Fire!

Dammit, twickster!

::stomps off stage::

Damn, I was actually thinking yours was better… :wink:

If you’d all read the linked article, you’d realize that what Cheney was hunting was Quayle.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. He’s hunting fow a Wepubwican majowity…