Dick Clark "Bandstand" Legend

My Brother swears by an AMERICAN BANDSTAND myth you can’t argue him out of. He insists that the Annenbergs, owners of the station BANDSTAND was on, were offended by the Black acts booked by the original host and had him framed on a charge of sex with minors, fired, and replaced with Dick Clark, who they felt would provide a “White” show. There are holes in this story, chiefly that BANDSTAND didn’t even have live acts before Clark hosted, and it wasn’t an automatic given that a show’s host booked it’s acts. And was Clark even considered particularly “White” in the 50s? (When I reminded my Brother that Clark booked black acts, he argued “Those were ‘safe’ Black acts” Conspiracy theories always have answers ready to their contradictions).

Ask him what is the source of his information.

This guy he met in California. My Brother believes everybody!

When you get a pulled over a couple of times for DWI and injure some people, as host Bob Horn did, you might lose your very public job, especially apparently when your boss is doing stories on the evils of drunk driving. Ultimately Horn spent three months in jail.

The statutory rape story is harder to figure out. Ultimately the first trial ended in a hung jury and the second one Horn was acquitted. Again, if you are in the public eye, you don’t even want to be accused of it.

American Bandstand apparently was pretty segregated when it was in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, integrating more when they went to Los Angeles circa 1964.


As far as “not safe” black acts, who from the late 1950s early 1960s qualifies and more importantly, how well would they have been received by the audience and tv ratings, which is what really counts to ownership.

Well, everybody but you, apparently.

Tell him you’d love to see the slightest bit of solid evidence, not stuff that can be made up by idiots in California, but until then you have no reason to believe it.

It’s hard to answer, since Bob Horn’s BANDSTAND only played records and ran Snader Telescriptions. Of course one couldn’t see the acts on records, and Snader Telescriptions, filmed around 1950-51, were all of performers who were pretty much accepted by the Middle Class(Count Basie, Nat King Cole).

Why did they have to frame him? They owned the station, they could just fire him.

We don’t need none of your logic and common sense around here, boy.