Dick Van Dyke Show questions.............

Some various thoughts, some fantasy, some questions with answers…

1.) When Rob and Laura made love, which bed did they use?

2.) The character who was played by Rose Marie would be a lesbian in 2003. Did lesbians chase men in 1962?

3.) How come Mary tyler Moore looked hot in DVD then looked like a stringbean on crack on the Mary Tyler Moore show?

4.) How come Jerry was not a big of a star as Dick? Jerry was 10 times funnier. Watch “Coach” if you don’t believe me.

Other 60s shows comin soon.

Four words: My Mother the Car

And, no, Jerry was not funnier than Dick, and he’d admit it.

Hers. Sometimes on the floor though.


Drugs and booze.


As mentioned, he was the star of My Mother the Car, which is considered to be the worst TV show ever made. It took him decades to live that down.


Just how do you figure that?

Why was Laurie Petri (MTM) so easily to cry?, Rob was a good guy, it’s a good thing Mary Richards (MTM) didn’t cry with Lou Grant (Ed Asner).


Jerry Van Dyke was offered the role of Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island made famous by Bob Denver, but he thought it would go no-where, and thought My Mother The Car would do better.

You’ve all managed to bypass the most important question of all: When will we rabid fans see a Mel Cooley action figure?

Shouldn’t that be an inaction figure? Mel never took action unless Alan Brady told him to. :slight_smile:

I want to see an Alan Brady’s wig action figure. There’d be a set of, what was it, six?

I’m another one who just doesn’t get the lesbian comment at all. It seems offensive on all sorts of levels, but since I don’t get it I’ll let crazy grady try to defend it first. Of course, anyone who thinks Jerry van Dyke is the funny one is beyond hope anyway.

Just for the record, Sally was based on the real-life tv writers Selma Diamond and Lucille Kallen., two of the very rare women comedy writers of the day. (Buddy was originally based on Mel Brooks, before Morey Amsterdam won the job.)

MTM has also been an adult diabetic for most of her life. And a heavy smoker.

As for Rob and Laura - he bent her over the ottoman in the living room. Why do you think that thing was always out of place?

Is that the same Selma Diamond who was on Night Court? (One of my favorites, by the way…)

The fact that Richard Deacon has been dead for many years probably wouldn’t help matters in the action department either.

The one and the same. You know, the one with the high pitched girlish voice… :smiley:


Except when Alan Brady was fiddling with Ritchie.

Where did they make love?

That hassock. Now you know.

Who in the hell would name their daughter Pickles? That’s what I’d like to know.

Jerry Van Dyke NOT funny??? You’ve obviously never caught his rendition of “Mule Train” on “The Tonight Show.” One of the most screamingly funny lip-synchs I ever saw. As for “My Mother the Car,”, wasn’t that just a trumped-up version of “Mr. Ed”, (a warm, gentle comedy beloved of many) I enjoyed the oddity of MMTC. Avery Schreiber was so over the top. And it was a nice sentimental sop to Ann Sothern, who slogged her way through show business for decades. Oops! Time for my warm milk and footies.