Did Alanis Morissette really lose her virginity to dave coulier?

I have a feeling this is just a rumor… ?

Well, she definitely dated him, at least . . . and supposedly the song “You oughta know” is about him, although I’ve heard plenty of other claims as well. His own website claims he doesn’t know.

She was 18 when they met, and they did indeed date, so I guess it depends on when them Canucks typically lose their’s. I would have guessed a lot earlier than 18, due to the need to snuggle through the cold winters up there, but maybe she was a later bloomer, or her family had discovered gas heating.

As for that song being about him, Snopes does give some decent evidence for it, but gives a final verdict of Undetermined.

What a horrible thing to happen to anyone. You know he does the Popeye laugh when he’s coming.

I don’t know which is worse… that the URL to his personal website is cutitout.net or that I instantly recognized the reference.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

I have decided that I don’t need to know about Alanis’s loss of virginity, Dave’s role, if any, in it, whether or not he is Mr. Duplicity or if she really did go down on him in a theatre. The very fact that they did date and did, apparently, have a sexual relationship is enough to cause me mental anguish whenever I look at either of them – though I do feel compelled to admit that he’s been rather :eek: adorable (in an extremely geeky way) on The Surreal Life. I just don’t want to think about anything involving their genitalia.

I don’t know which is worse: him having slept with her, or her having slept with him.

In either case, I pity the other person.

Actually, I wish they’d stayed together. That would have prevented them from inflicting themselves on anyone else. Of course, that opens up the possibility that they could reproduce. Ok, they should’ve stayed together AND be sterilized. Their union could only produce Evil.

I’d heard that she was 16 when she met him. Which has made me feel really creepy about Coulier (who was 23) ever since.

I can say with almost total certainly that the answer is no. We were acquainted at the time (myself and Alanis, not Dave Coulier) and I do know who she was dating arund the time before and after she met Coulier. And no, it wasn’t me, so get your mind out of the gutter.

Incidentally, I believe she met Dave Coulier in 1992, which would have made her 18 and Coulier 33.

Why is this anyone’s business apart from theirs?

Well, if she lost it to him she probably did not enjoy it. According to the web link posted by Tim314:

“… Dave Coulier’s (pronounced Cool-Yay) story is a refreshing one for Hollywood - nice guys can finish first…”

As every girlfriend I’ve ever dated has told me, nice guys finish last.

[winky, winky]

So which one inflicted themself on you? :rolleyes:
This is the wrong thread, anyway.

What does it mean? Was like a catch phrase of his from ‘Full House’ or something?

Yes. There was also an accompanying hand motion involving pantomimed scissors.

Sadly(for me), I think I remember him doing it on Out of Control, his show on Nickelodeon. This was back when Nickelodeon didn’t suck, of course.

Interesting. I don’t really care either way, but I did see Alanis herself state that she lost her virginity to Dave Coulier. It was on the Howard Stern show, of course, (where else are you going to hear about losing virginity?) and she stated it directly.

(Shrug) I’m just tellin’ ya what I saw and knew at the time. I wasn’t in the room. I’m not sure I buy her new story, but she’s the authoritative source.

Yeah, it predates Full House by about 5 years or so.

CUT! (snipping motion)
IT! (pointing finger)
OUT! (thumb hiked in “hit the road, Jack” style.)

Don’t make me show you the picture of my brother dressed as Diz.

geez I didn’t realize so many people loathed dave coulier. :confused:

What’s so sad about it? Out Of Control was a decent enough show.

Was Alanis one of the kids on You Can’t Do That On Television when this happened? Some of the kids (like Kevin) were in their late teens by the time they left the show.