Did an SF author die today or yesterday?

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I was just at Ralph’s getting stuff for Sunday dinner. Ralph’s, at least the one in our neighborhood, now has video screens at the register that show advertisements and a news ticker. (And I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t mind this. As a child of the '70s, I crave constant stimulation.) Only thing is, they’re flat-screen, so if you’re not looking right at it, you can’t see everything.

I looked up just in time to see this headline: “Science fiction auth--------dies”. The headline changed by the time I got in a direct line with the screen, and the people behind me either weren’t looking at all or were watching an update about the Lakers. Not that I blame them: this is going to be some game. But I still don’t know who died. Or if anyone did; maybe I read it wrong.

John Middleton Murry, aka Richard Cowper, died 6/1.

Thank you.

:confused: Who is he? What did he right? :confused:

I’m not “up” on my SF authors.

A British SF writer, mostly active in the 70s - 80s. There’s a bibliography at http://www.sfsite.com/isfdb-bin/exact_author.cgi?Richard_Cowper

However, Cowper died April 29, so it wouldn’t be mentioned this weekend.

I haven’t heard of anyone this weekend yet, but I’ll see if I can find out more.

Actually, the New York Times has an obituary for John Middleton Murry(Richard Cowper)* dated June 1, which notes he died April 29. I’m not sure why the delay.
*Will probably require a free registration to access.

No, the news stories say “…he died after suffering a stroke on April 29.” Confusingly written.

Hmmm…the Times of London obit (dated May 31) says “He died from a stroke on April 29, 2002”; the New York Times obit (dated June 1) says he “died on April 29”.