Did Any Place Mirror The Old Jump The Shark Website?

Several years ago the website, Jumptheshark.com was ruined and turned into a run of the mill gossip site, I noticed I could go to the archive.org and use the wayback machine there and read old archived copies of Jumptheshark.com

I did this as recently as last August 2011. But last night I tried to go to jumptheshark using the wayback machine and now all versions of the site are blocked.

It used to be only the new versions of the site were unavailable, but now it appears all achived versions have been taken down.

I wish i had downloaded or copied the site as it was fun to read. Does anyone know if any place else made a mirror of the old site, so at least you could read what was once there?

Aw, no help here – didn’t even know they changed the site. That seems…silly. Had a good thing going there.

Try BoneTheFish, which has attempted to carry on the spirit of the original, even if the traffic there isn’t a tenth of what it was at JTS…

Yea Bone the Fish is pretty good so is Jumped the Shark co uk both do a good job of following on from jump the shark. I use both regularly, some of the comments crack me up.