Did any psychic predict Covid?

Another prophet, Joe Blow, began prophesying in late 2016 that “massive plague-like conditions” would come through July 2017.

Another prophet, Suzy Cue, began prophesying in late 1984 that “massive plague-like conditions” would come through September 1987.

Another prophet, XX, began prophesying in late YYYY(1) that “massive plague-like conditions” would come through MM, YYYY(2).

Another prophet…

Some common tactics of some false religious prophets:

  • Prophesy something that’s already most likely to happen anyway (one prophesied, for instance, that Jair Bolsonaro would win the Brazilian presidential election…but this prophecy came at a time when Bolsonaro was already leading in the polls by double digits, so, not all that impressive.)

  • Make numerous prophecies, and awkwardly ignore or brush off the false ones when they don’t come true, while touting and trumpeting the true ones

  • Flexi-define your prophecy afterwards to try to shoehorn it in as correct (one prophesied that the Republican Party would gain nine seats in the Senate in the 2018 midterms. When the Republicans gained only two, he then rubber-banded his prophecy by saying, “The Republicans KEPT seven seats and GAINED two, therefore it’s NINE!”)

Late 2019? That’s doubly useless as that’s when COVID-19 was discovered. I heard people panicking about it the day it was discovered. I had hoped it would not become pandemic.

So that’s your option 1. And then Czarcasm pointed out option 3 with “plague-like conditions.” And, given what you said about predicting it would be over in April 2020, I’m going to suspect they also started doing option 2, glossing over that incorrect part.

Mine isn’t, but I know for sure he will be, in the future.

What do you call predictions made after the fact, then inserted into websites as if they had always been there-Postdictions?

Postdictions are just predictions made after the fact. I don’t know if there’s a special name for
website-inserted postdictions.
Probably e-Postdictions or something.

Mine is definitely psychic! I drove in to see him for a regular service and he said ‘By the sound it’s making, the engine deflurgulator will certainly start inkertulating soon, which will probably creantle the flang. Fortunately I can fix it now for about $500 and it will save you thousands’!

He’s great. Every time I see him, he can predict future problems and fix them before they happen.