Did anybody check out Weird Earl's today?

This was a MPSIMS thread last week ( Taking Over the Internet - Have you seen this website? ) and from the comments in that thread, it appears to have had a lot of anti-women screed then as well. I suspect someone submitted it as a Weird Earl’s after that.

Damn, now that I think about it, it may have been the magnet guy. Internet freaks get me so confused. Sorry, carry on.

The guy is obviously mentally ill. Sad.

At first while reading the site I thought the guy was some kind of shill for VHEMT. But, yeah, he’s a scary nutter. Very scary.

Who’s the “magnet guy”?

How Cunts Cause War

Hmmm…I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I think the author somehow combined the Blue Pill with the Red Pill, and produced an inky vaginal suppository.

For curiosity’s sake, I linked the thread mentioned in the OP. I have the distinct feeling that this guy will soon be cited at this site with an “ILLUCID” tag next to his link. (Of course, he may be already.)

Oh, bless you NDP. That site will likely keep me entertained on those long, lonely nights.


Oh shit. Now you tell me. Dude, I just ate like three hits of the stuff! Am I gonna die? Oh god, man! Help! There’s a giant grey noselicker on the edge of my monitor and it’s covered with fur! I’m freaking out, man! I’m freakin’ out!