Did anybody check out Weird Earl's today?

I’m only putting this in the Pit because it isn’t worthy enough to be anywhere else. I mean, whoa.

And every so often there are GIANT pictures of titanium rings, and about 1 million links (and I may not be exaggerating) for titanium rings.

And the weirdest thing is, on the very top, there’s a picture of the tsunami area, then 3 titanium rings.

Here’s the link if you’re lazy like me and don’t feel like going back to the main page.

Don’t eat the brown acid.

I can’t even figure out what he’s ranting about. I can’t figure out if he’s claiming that we all kill our kids by whatever, or if he’s advocating following this plan to kill our kids. :confused:

Bizarre. I looked at the link yesterday and all it was was a bunch of references and links to Titanium rings; certainly no political agenda (not that I saw anyway).

It looked a lot like:

Find out more about TITANIUM RINGS EDITION #1!
Find out more about TITANIUM RINGS EDITION #2!
Find out more about TITANIUM RINGS EDITION #3!

Beautiful TITANIUM RINGS are made of amazing TITANIUM, and they are BEAUTIFUL TITANIUM RINGS! Which explained the tag in Weird Earl’s it was just constant, repetive use of pictures of, and the phrase “TITANIUM RINGS!”

I wonder if it’s been hacked?

I think he’s ranting on the idea that everything dies, so if you have kids, you’re condemning them to death.

Merry Christmas.

Wow! Three of my favorite people are in my thread!

Hi guys! waves

Could be worse. It could be talking about the virtues of STAINLESS STEEL #2 DORRANCE ARM PROSTHETICS!

My titanium ring has been my favorite ring ever since I got it. This guy is fucking nuts though. I can’t follow any thoughts, so I can’t really tell you what the site is about.


Looks like the timecube guy has some competition.

Icky. Just icky.

His hypothesis, near as I can tell, is that women are babykillers, since:

  1. Women are responsible for all births (he seems to think that men don’t have anything to do with it, possibly because no man can resist having sex whenever a woman wants); and
  2. Everyone who’s born dies.

Therefore, women knowingly cause billions of deaths.

He promises immortality, and huge amounts of the website consist of copies of his bizarre attempts to promote this, including a cache of google’s search results for his websites, and a disjointed essay he sent to the Nobel Prize committee offering to turn down the prize money and just use the publicity value if they’d grant him the prize. Other places on the site he seems to be justifying men who murder prostitutes, since prostitutes are child-killers like all other women.

Not the nicest lunatic on the web.


I think that the heart of it is the way he equates witholding sex with rape.

(“Depravity” appears to be a malapropism for “deprivation.”)

I hope the guy is being scrutinized in the real world – it sounds like he might be more dangerous than your usual harmless nutter.

It’s also clear from some of his phrasing that late-night infomercials for Dr. Wayne Dyer have heavily influenced his thinking.

I was thinking the same thing, Larry, that someone was keeping an eye on him. What a weirdo.

Hi yourself.

Larry and Left Hand got much more out of it than I did. To me it was all but impenetrable.

So this guy is an obvious misogynist, and apparently advocates or at least attempts to justify violence against women?

And how!

Read “destructively tested” as “died,” and the first part becomes a lot clearer. It’s like the Rosetta Stone.


I have to retract my earlier post. The time cube guy is nutty but harmless. This guy seems pretty sick.

However, remember it’s not the ranters you have to worry about. The fact that he’s blathering all over the internet makes me somewhat confident he’s not going to actually do anything.

God, I hope I’m right.

Dammit, Larry, I was going to link to the Time Cube guy. Maybe they’re not cut from the same cloth, but they share a wonderful ability to make annoying looking websites.

Does anybody else think we ought to point out to the Admins that the content of that site has changed?

If I ran the SD I don’t think I’d want to link to that guy.

Titanium Rings… an available username?

or …

You knew this was coming!


Just a quick note: The mods warned someone last week when they linked to the time cube guy - they send out hordes of “missionaries” when they get lots of hits from a particular place.

Holy shit, I laughed out loud when I got to the bottom of the page.