Is this mad science?

From the Guardian.


Yikes. This guy isn’t kidding, is he? Has anybody else heard about this?

Or, for that matter, do we have any takers?

(I’m just putting this in the Pit as a precautionary measure. I’m sure somebody’s going to make a “third leg” joke.)

For some reason this doesn’t bother me. I mean, if we’ll allow women to get implants that make their breasts bigger then their heads, why is giving a someone horns or wings unacceptable? They have risks, but so does having two foot-wide water balloons in your ta-tas. If reasonably sane people want to look like freaks, that’s their prerogative, IMO.

You know, I was just going to get wings tattooed on my back…

How would you put a shirt on?

People will definitely do it, if given a chance. You gotta check out the Lizard Man and the Body Modification EZine.


Yeah, but Red Bull’s cheaper! :smiley:

hm…this isn’t too much. if yu look inot underground body modification, there is someweriously weird stuff. in some groups people remove fingers and toes or even limbs. there’s also scarring done by burning, implanting, extreme piercing, and so much more. i wouldn’t be surprised if this only the beggining.

When I saw this, I kinda thought it was cool. Probably not something I’d do, but it still seems cool that it can (soon) be done. And while I’ve seen a bit of debating about the 5-year figure when it was first mentioned, it makes me curious what kinds of things could be done after that.

First thing that pops into my head:

“Sticking feathers on (or up) your butt won’t make you a chicken.”

But perhaps plastic surgery will.

Og? Is that you?