What new cosmetic body-modifications will become mainstream?

Obviously there are things like tattoos and circumcision today. I was poking around on reddit and saw there is a forum dedicated to girls with artificial tails, and remember there is a Japanese product where girls can put on some big dog like ears which supposedly will respond to the mood of the wearer (here). So I was thinking what new high-tech and mainly cosmetic body-modifications will become mainstream over the next couple of decades? And more mainstream than the freaks who poke big holes in the cheeks or put horns in the skull.

Will it soon be fairly normal to see girls stroll down the street wagging their surgical implanted tails, raising their dog ears?

Off to IMHO.

like a tail attached to a dildo?

Well I don’t know. I don’t think so. Just a garment. But I expect they’d like if it was attached more as an integral part of the body.

I recall seeing quite a few of these in Japan in 2010; I can’t recall seeing any there in more recent years. Have never seen it here in the US (at least not yet).

They make buttplugs with tails. Rule 34 and all.

Until they make non-sexual tails that are actually prehensile, I’m not interested.

Horn implants are a thing as well.

Speaking of Japan and sex, supposedly it was trendy for Yakuza to use backalley means to implant ball bearings into their penises. You can find a link by Googling but I’m not going to post it.

It’s not only girls, guys too. Sample old threads talking about furries.

I think wigs (that are held on by magnets implanted into the skull) will be big. That way, you can change hairstyles 2-25 times/day!
Oh, and merkins will come back.

Hey, you take that back! We 'Merkans ain’t gone nowhere! God bless tha US of A!

I’m guessing dynamic tattoos, i.e. ones that are animated.
That’s a thing, right?

The problem is that once something goes mainstream, then it no longer distinguishes a person as a freak. Tattoos, for instance. What’s the point anymore?

Japan had strange and weird stuff. It is mostly fun thing to dress up a and look it for some days. It not fashion thing like tattoos or counterculture like US hippies, punk or gutter punk.

For what purpose? Mutilating one’s genials is not something typically done just on a whim.

For the same reason that certain toys have nubbins on them. I also heard that they do it in prison to give Yakuzaettes something to look forward to when they get out or if conjugal is a thing over there, but I don’t know if that’s urban legend.

I would not have thought that a Japanese gangster ( or any gangster) would be so concerned about pleasing his paracoita. Huh.

According to the official Necomimi web site, base electronic cat-ear-system with white ears is $50. You can buy through Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would SO wear me some Necomimi cat ears. The fact that I’m 45 years old would not stop me. :smiley:

I still find any piercings other than ear lobes (not including those ridiculous, poker chip size discs) to be unattractive and grotesque. Consarn it*!* :mad:

Just tonight, my roommate and I were watching our house spider, and my roommate commented (apropos of nothing, really) :

"Yeah, if humans had exoskeletons, we’d be getting ourselves scrimshawed."

Permanent adornment of your own skin could easily have so many other legit or at least understandable purposes. Think of permanent makeup (such as subtle eyeliner that never smudges) or something akin to jewelry such as a ring-type design on a finger. Think of trauma victims or other survivors who want to carry a motto or other personal reminder around with them all the time. Think of memorializing a dead beloved.

All could certainly be appealing to people who are otherwise completely uninterested in being perceived as rebellious.

I think eye color will be a big one; there’s a company doing trials for a laser that will transform brown eyes to blue; they’d make jillions off that, at least until seeing Asian people with blue eyes becomes passe.
Then, after that, arbitrary eye colors.