Breast implants on your arm?

Well… it’s interesting

Body modification implants. His forearm has quite a rack.

I’d say he succeeded. :smack::smack::smack: (couple extra ‘head smacks’ to simulate him getting those spikes hammered into his skull. . .)

Don’t get me wrong. If he paid for this with his own money (and I’ve no reason to think he didn’t), he has every right to get whatever modifications he wants within the boundaries of the law. Personally, though, I find him a bit difficult to look at, and the breast implants on the arm are the least of what troubles me.

I don’t get it - all the extreme body modification just leaves me scratching my head. I can certainly think of better ways to dispose of my disposable income. Each to his own, I suppose. Bear in mind, tho, I don’t even have my ears pierced - just the thought of *that *gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I gotta wonder about the doctors who do such implants (the star on the forehead was way too disturbing) - do they look at this as an art form, a means of self-expression, or anything for a buck?

Ew. Ew ew ew.

It’s not done by doctors. It’s done by “body modification artists” who usually get started in the business as tattoo artists or piercers. And it’s done without anesthesia because, not being doctors, they can’t legally get anesthetics.

On the up side, these guys do know about sterile techniques, how to use an autoclave, etc.

The head-star and the spikes are hard for me to look at, but the breast implants on the naked chick on his arm are awesome. It’s a 3D tattoo. It’s not something I’d ever do, but I’ve seen some tattoos that have piercings in strategic places to enhance the total look, and it’s kind of neat. It’s an art form and it can be interesting to look at, but I think it also says a lot about the person “wearing” it and it does trigger a prejudice in me. As in, “check out that weirdo with the really cool tattoos”.

No! That guy’s forehead makes me sad. I don’t even care about the tits on his arm.

I think it was Hank Hill who said it best; to paraphrase, it’s nice to be able to easily see who ain’t right.

Aw, I think he’s cute. He has stars upon thars !

I like the female version better. Breasts on you forehead.

Please please please let this be a hoax.

I kind of like the head spikes, though I think the star and blobs look like a poorly done and melty cake decoration. The breast implants on the arm are a neat idea, but frankly that kind of tattoo - implants or not - has always come across as tacky and actually rather un-original to me. Naked chick+snakes+knife+heart+flames and maybe a skull…uggh, be creative already!

Yeah, I’d like to have head spikes. Then I could head-butt people who piss me off. Grrrrrr!

It’d be hell on a soccer ball though.

He better hope he never gets slammed spike-first into a hard surface, either.

On the other hand, he won’t have to buckle a helmet strap.

They could be made break-away, like sign posts and such. If the designer of the head spikes had any sense, what’s in his skull are little threaded bases for the spikes to screw in to.

And he shaves his head, too… How does he shave around the spikes?

The arm-tits I thought were actually an interesting touch, I mean if you’re going to have a naked woman on your arm anyway.

EDIT: I get the impression that they’re not attached to his skull at all. He referred to them as transdermal, not trans-osseal or something.

Oh god no, they’re like a little labret stud dealie, sometimes with holes in the flat part to allow the skin to grow through and anchor more firmly. They just lie under the skin, they’re not attached to the skull in any way.

My piercer had little star-shaped implants under the skin of her forearm. They felt neat!