Damn You Wierd Earl!

I should have known better than to follow a Wierd Earl link, but I did.

(Submitted by ZgyStardst)

I am now creeped out beyond expression. How can I erase this from my memory?

Dammit! I’m so rattled I misspelled weird.

I think I need therapy now. That is some weird stuff.


but I’m of two minds about the site. On the one hand, yeah, it’s a little weird, and it may be fun to make fun of the fairy boy (did you see his fashion page?), but on the other hand, so what? How many people here dress up for Ren fairs or SCA or D&D or Rocky Horror or just for a night of clubbing? I don’t even have the guts to dress up for pretend stuff, so I have a sneaky admiration for someone who dares to not just dream it but be it. If it makes him happy and he ain’t hurting anyone, then leave him be. I sure hope no one from here e-mails him to ridicule him or his page.

Don’t sweat it, Kat. I’ll back this guy 100%. Ok, about 98%, since I will admit that he is certainly a bit unusual. But then again, I said that I was cool with the lady who was married to the Berlin Wall.

Look, folks, Peter here is certainly not like you or me, but he’s not doing anything clearly illegal or harmful to anyone. I give props to the guy for having found something in his life that is so personally rewarding that he doesn’t mind the negative attention I’m sure he receives buckets of. Kat is right-- there are plenty of folks on this board who demonstrate various levels of fanatacism towards fantasy RPGs, Star Trek, SCA, and lots of other things that a “normal” guy like me could look at and say “What a bunch of freaks!”

But you know what? I don’t. People who feel free to express themselves are what makes this world worth living in. Regular exposure to eccentric people is a great thing; it shakes us out of the ruts we fall into and gets us to think, and sometimes even do, new things.

Case in point: Our very own Esprix, a grown man, was seen on national t.v. dressed up like character from Pokemon (or perhaps it was Star Trek). He proudly announced it to us in this thread and he received universal congratulations, not announcements that people were “creeped out” by it or that he “needs therapy.” (Well, Chief Scott said he was “scared,” but it appeared to be tongue in cheek, as was my response to him.)

Yes, there’s clearly a difference between someone who dresses up like that for a single event and someone who does it full-time. There’s also clearly a difference between Esprix, who we have come to get to know as a person, and this guy, who we have not. If someone well-known and well-liked on this board-- say Euty– were to suddenly reveal that he is actually the Peter Pan guy, would any of you feel bad about the remarks you’ve made here?

The reason you are comfortable in making disparaging comments about this guy is because you don’t know him as a person (and with the attitudes you’ve displayed, you never will). I don’t suppose that this guy and I would become fast friends, but he certainly would make an interesting guy to share a cab with from the airport.

Jeez, you folks live sheltered lives if you think he’s out there. I get weirder things free with my breakfast cereal.

I say, more power to him. He’s fully accepted who he is and is happy about it - who among us can honestly say that? I know I’ve got a long way before I’m deeply contented.


Heck, I am inclined to claim him as a kindred spirit!

Oh, don’t be such a poop. I think it’s sweet. So he dresses up like Peter Pan. You must be very fragile people if that makes you “need therapy”!

Well, I do agree about this- more power to him. But I think this:

Seems a little over the top for the level of “disparaging comments” made. Nobody said he should die or that he was evil, just weird. We can argue sementics until the cows come home, but at the risk of being (God no!) politically incorrect, I stand by my assertion that I find it weird that this man has devoted an entire website to his love of dressing up and living like Peter Pan. Sue me.

Probably not- I think it’s weird. Since it was nominated as a “weird earl”, I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I guess that makes me some sort of jerk. I guess my country upbringing hasn’t exposed me to enough different people for me to not be surprised at some behaviors and lifestyles.


I think that exactly- If I could be that happy and open about myself, I wouldn’t need much else at all. You know, in the way of anything even slightly miserable…

I vote he’s a good thing…

Oh, Matt- give me a break. I’m guessing I won’t really need therapy. It was a joke, for God’s sake.

I clicked on the link, thinking oh my god, what horror shall appear.

I was sorely disappointed. Holy shit, it can’t be any worse than that Jesus guy. Hell, rubberburner was way scarier.

It was just kind of lame.

Hey-maybe he’s slow, did you ever think of that?

Adds new meaning to Corn Flakes, eh?

I don’t think so, did you see his fashion page? If he made it all himself, he’s far from slow, unless he’s a savant with a sewing machine. Plus he says he’s a computer programmer. No, I don’t think he’s slow, I think he just has an exceedingly rich fantasy life. Some of us express our fantasy lives through our art or writing or acting, he actually lives his. More power to him.

It’s funny, our culture can seem so youth-obsessed, but we get weirded out when we meet someone who takes the slogan “I may grow older but I’ll never grow up” to heart. I’m going to go home and hug my stuffies.

Shouldn’t UncleBeer be here by now to close this thread?

Well, hell. If I could, I’d walk around wearing vintage clothing from the 1910s just like in Titanic.

I think we’re all missing the oddest thing here.

This guy is 47 years old? No fucking way!

You know, I’ve got a website up right now about this society I’m creating out of thin air. Yes, an entire society, philosophy, religion, system of government, and (most importantly) language right out of my own fertile imagination. http://www.crosswinds.net/~shrislyaria (incomplete…)

Am I a weird fruit? Certainly. But I hope I don’t get ridiculed in the Pit over it.

Not ridiculed, certainly not. But… why, Matt? A made-up kingdom with its own language?
I can relate to it, in the way we used to make up our own “country” when we were kids. But it seems… somewhat weird coming from a very much down-to-earth, adult, guy like yourself. With that I mean politically engaged, mainly.

I dunno. A weird combination of things that I hadn’t expected, I suppose. Like I said: no offense intended.

As for Peter Pan up there: he’s free to do whatever the hell he wants in his spare time. But if he’s willing to put himself on the web in full Peter Pan attire, he’s risking becoming a Weird Earl.
And come on… when was the last time a colleague of yours walked in looking like a Disney character?

Having said that, I don’t think I require therapy after seeing it. I’ve seen much weirder things.

Actually, no. Did you read the rest of his site? He’s actually quite intellectually brilliant! He has some really insightful and well-put-together arguments.