What -exactly- is wrong with Peter Pan?!

I’m seriously shocked at the number of otherwise pretty easy going people who have a snide remark or two for [a href=http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/]Peter Pan Boy[/a]

*“I’m all about doing your own thing but BOY, what a freak.”

What the fuck?!?!
*“I’m all about individuality but only when it’s socially acceptable and I’m certain that no one will laugh at me.”
You either think it’s cool to express yourself in your own way or you don’t. I don’t see the gray area here. He isn’t hurting anyone through his expression. It’s creative and pretty original considering the circumstance. (Peter Pan existed before him, but how many grown men do you know that fashion their wardrobe after him?)

It gives me alot of hope to see someone who’s almost 50 years old and hasn’t been ground into the machine by now.

Viva la Peter Pan Boy.

So you don’t think he’s a freak?

No, an individual. How bizarre huh?

I don’t think he’s a freak either. Eccentric, sure, but people like him make this tired old world interesting. Goddess bless 'im for having the balls to live by whim.

Viva la Peter Pan Boy!

The man who created the Peter Pan site is a bit too nonconventional to suit most people, I’m afraid. It has been my experience that Americans (the only culture I truly know) are easily threatened by people who are truly “different” and who don’t feel a burning need to conform to current social “standards”. Recently, I commented to a French co-worker that I thought the American image of “the melting pot” was a crock, because my anscesters had told me of the prejudice and verbal abuse they received as immigrants settling in the US. He replied that America is “the molding pot”, where conformity and generic culture are pushed.

“Melting pot” and “molding pot” are the same idea. What, y’think things that get melted down are retaining their wonderful individuality? Have you ever melted anything?

Just trying to help you out with that link, malkie. Personally, I have no strong feelings one way or the other on this. Sure, I think what he’s doing is a bit weird, but he’s not hurting anyone, he’s happy, and it’s no skin off my nose.

Yeah, there are a lot of worse things people could be doing…and we need strange, bizarre things to liven up the mix a bit. Shock the bourgeoisie and all that, hehe. :slight_smile:

Besides, who wouldn’t want to be Peter Pan? Stay out all night, party, never grow old, have a sexy fairy as your companion. It’s good to be Peter Pan.

I think he’s totally cool. He’s easily the most well-adjusted, secure human being I’ve ever heard of. He dresses how he likes to, and isn’t worried at all that some people might make incorrect assumptions about his sexuality based on that. Great!

I can relate to that in a big way, because I sometimes like to dress in a way that some people associate with gay sub-culture-- Sometimes people ask me, “Aren’t you afraid people will assume that you’re a ‘leatherboy’?” Well, no, I’m not, as a matter of fact. Should I be? If I’m interested in a girl, she’ll know that I’m heterosexual in short order, and if I’m not interested in someone, who give’s a rat’s ass what they think?

I’m guessing that both he & his lovely ‘Tink’ are much more intelligent, interesting, and happy than anyone who allows the ‘Fashion Industry’ to dictate what they look good in. Good for them.

I think he’s a freak, but a harmless happy freak and there are much worse things he could be. I bear him no will, but he does deviate from societal norms to the point that I have to say, yeah, freak. But I am very happy for him that he found someone who is willing to play along with his chosen way to express himself.

I’m sure there are plenty of nasty vicious middle-aged men who would be happier if they dressed up as Peter Pan. I’d rather have happy pleasant freaks than repressed grumpy normals.


Hey, what Larry said. That is one secure, happy human being.

I’ve seen worse websites. How about God Hates Fags? Actually, any of the “Your Choice” of hate websites. How about the website with the gross pix of accident victims and deformed babies? How about all the rabid anti-abortion websites with the in-your-face pix of aborted fetuses?

I think that guy is wicked cool. And the fact that he got himself a Tinkerbell is even cooler. Besides, weirdo is a good thing. Unless we’re talking masturbating weirdo on a train.

Disclaimer: Daowajan has not slept in a long time. But she stands by her opinion that Peter Pan is cool.

I think weird is great. I think it’s truly wonderful that he’s that confident and secure in himself, so should we all be. And his fundamental attitudes about life are great.

But that doesn’t mean I have to find him charming or appealing, does it? Because I find him and his whole trip dreadfully corny and cloying. The outfits, the poses, the whole thing is just… yuck. Extremely unappealing to me. Not because it’s different, different comes in all kinds of flavors. I find his flavor revoltingly sweet.


I’m not supposed to find that funny? I don’t begrudge him or think he’s crazy, but just because he takes it seriously doesn’t mean I will too.
They do make a cute couple though.

Ok, matt_mcl can testify that I was revolted the first time I saw this man’s site.

It wasn’t so much the cosplay thing – I’ve never had a problem with people who dressed up as cartoon characters. It’s just that I hate, hate, hate Peter Pan, and all related inner-child crap. I watched Hook hoping the pirate would finally skewer the little bastard, and he never did.

But, now that the initial shock has worn off, I do have to admit I’d much rather live in a society where the wierdos felt comfortable being wierdos than one in which they weren’t. And since I’m known as “the wierdo” in at least one of my circles of friends, I guess I can’t judge too much.

What he does is strange, but intolerance is evil, and that’s a whole different level.

But that shade of lime green, at least, really has to go…

The result of melting materials is that a proportionate amount of each material is incorporated into the end result. In the US, a common trend has been for immigrants to abandon all their old customs and embrace the generic American culture.

Hamish, I’m curious why you detest “the inner child crap”. Do you dislike the general concept of a person cherishing an inner child-like spirit with minimal inhibitions?

It has been my experience that HairyPotter’s mistaken belief is commonly espoused by people who hail from countries far less diverse than the United States.

“In the US, a common trend has been for immigrants to abandon all their old customs and embrace the generic American culture.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong. For starters, you can visit New York City and observe how everybody looks alike.
Compare and contrast to Oslo, Norway. Then report back to us in 500 words or less. :rolleyes:

Peter Pan, go do your thing, babe. Just as long as it doesn’t affect men’s fashions.

Yeah, I don’t have the legs to wear tights anymore. 60 pounds ago…well, maybe.

I, too, would contest the idea of the ‘melting pot’ concept of American society. While it made for a cool Schoolhouse Rock song it’s really not true. One of my sociology professors (way back when)(Oh my head) likened it more to a ‘salad bowl’. Individual ingredients, all maintaining who and what they are, joined together to make something different (and better, if you like salad).

then you coat all the ingredients with oil and you’re bound to have a good time…

And having travelled through Latin America, the Middle East and Europe I’ll also assert that the United States has more diversity than anyplace else I’ve been. I hate to see people claiming that American culture is all about forcing people to conform when it’s simply not.

My problem with the “individuality” of Peter Pan is that he’s not being all that original by imagining himself to be a freakin’ Disney character.

If he was, oh, I don’t know, Botulism Boy, or Herniac Henry, then I’d be all for his individuality.

I don’t really like the salad bowl theory, because it assumes everyone retains their original flavors, and to be blunt, that isn’t true at all. Most immigrants, by the third generation, are pretty well integrated and share pretty much the same values, although certain private customs are retained. However, many aspects of different cultures also get filtered into the mainstream and adopted by everyone. Pizza, American Chinese food, Santa Claus, St. Patrick’s Day, sushi, reggae, etc. All these are flavors of the ingredients that have mixed to become an entirely new flavor of mainstream American culture that didn’t exist before. I think soup would be a more appropriate analogy, where all the ingredients add their flavor to the broth, but still retain a bit of their individual flavors.

As for Peter Pan man, well, hey whatever floats his boat. I do find it a little weird, but I don’t think that if I came across the guy I’d shun him. Maybe snicker a bit.