Peter Pan's Home Page!?


Any thoughts?



Well, as part of my job, I have to check all links, so I went over to Peter Pan’s site. My first reaction: unbridled laughter.

But now I’ve reconsidered - why should I laugh at him? Instead I should give him kudos for following a dream, and daring to be different. You go Peter! If this website is for real and not a spoof, then I take my hat off to him. Acting and dressing the way he does takes a great deal of courage I would think.

Been there, laughed at that. But now, I’m with Arnold–he’s doing his thing, he’s not abusing little baby lambs or anything… So who am I to cast judgment?

And he’s even found love!

That Little Lord Fauntleroy get up, though… Yikes.:rolleyes:

I’ve seen that link somewhere around here before. 'Twas in the Pit, I belive. Maybe a search is in order? That thread should be old enough to have survived.

I like the costume.

Never saw it here before. A friend of mine over at the JREF Forum turned me on to it. :wink:

Nothing particularly exciting about the site. Just bizarre and very funny that’s all. :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that here twice before. Search isn’t turning anything up. IIRC the last time was in the Pit with a thread title like “Haw haw! Look at this fruit!” or something equally charming and specific.

I have not clicked on the link.

Truthfully, I’m afraid to.

He’s become something of a legend amongst net personalities because of that website. Quite well known for a few years.

I say, odd as he may appear, if he’s happy, and more than that, proud to share his eccentricities so publicly, then he definitely deserves some praise. And maybe a bit less laughing at him.

I believe it was a Weird Earl.

The thing I like about Peter Pan-he laughs at himself, and actually encourages others to do so. You can laugh at him-he’s okay with that.

BTW, is he still with Tink?

Tink and Peter are going strong:

Sure, he’s weird, but he’s not hurting anybody by liking to dress up, and I think it’s really cool that he found a woman who shares his interests. Even weirdos need love.

Aww, baby, your 2400th post. Reminds me of my first modem, how romantic. Yes, even we weirdos need love.

Cool, Peter and Tink have become sort of mini-celebrities on Net. :wink:

I found this interesting link on Peter’s page:

Scary, interesting, funny, shocking, and bizarre all at the same time!


Long live Peter and Tink!

Frankly, the scariest thing on the site is the fact that he claims to be 48. Do you think he looks anywhere near that age? I don’t. Is he an alien or something?


Found it!

I guess it keeps him young…!

Anyway, the other day I saw a middle-aged guy at the 2nd Cup in the village. He had long stringy blond hair just in front, a beret, a long frock coat, a black obi around his waist, and a clear plastic umbrella. And I was so jealous! I wish I could work an outfit like that. I couln’t possibly get away with it - but he could. It was fabulous!