Holy smoke...and you think you have seen it all..

Got to say. This one was one of the more weirder finds on the net. As a peruser of such web gems as

http://www.brains4zombies.com/ -Amazon’s super secret link


http://www.lileks.com/institute/index.html - The Institute of Official Cheer - easily the BEST site for a giggle with “The grooviest Motel in Wisconsin” (and it really does exist)

I had thought I had seen it all. Till today. It was a plain email from a pal. No writing save for the subject line

“Peter Pan lives”

and this link



Its hard not to laugh. The guy may be goodhearted and a nice fellow, but the fashion page killed me. Here is to you Peter! Never grow up! And it takes stones to put that out there on the net

Though the Prince Valiant haircut has to go.

What you think?

Dude- take it from me. DO NOT GO THERE.


Suffice to say, it got done, it got very ugly.

Have a nice day!

Zette :slight_smile:

If you scroll to the bottom of Brains4Zombies, you’ll notice that it’s really a project from Goats.

Figures. Goats is such a horrible comic strip.

Good Lord! That site is a Disney lawsuit waiting to happen. That was painful. ESPECIALLY the good fairy princess getup.