Websites you have problems understnading/explaining. but which are pretty damn funny.

I started this thread because Slacker posted a link to the Official Ninja Page, which I had almost forgotten about.

This site is hilarious; if you doubt it, just read some of the hatemail the webmaster claims he received:


While this site makes me laugh hysterically at times, I am now seriously wondering who posted this, and why. Do adults do stuff like this as a joke? Is this the work of some mildly retarded child? I mean, I REALLY want to know!

And can anyone else recommend other sites like this one?
A friend alerted me to this site and I nearly wet myself laughing.I don’t understand it…nor do I understand the purpose of it, other than to make people laugh.


Check out the news section where it gives links to “CNN accounts” of a court case against him. If its anywhere near true then this kid is my hero. :wink:

How can it be anywhere near true when it’s a fake CNN page?

when come back bring pie

when come back bring pie

Weird Japanese anime show with an abrupt - PANASONIC tag at the end. Extremely catchy jingle - even in Japanese.

(Pick from the list)

Pokey the Penguin

I’ve posted it before and I’m posting it again.

Ill Mitch.
A flash page – needs activex control (or whatever) enabled.

Americans for Purity: Winning the War on Masturbation

Absolutely hilarious.

Have you very own fireworks show.

don’t know if these fit

or any of the links on here

not always funny i guess, but I have trouble explaining them, or why I like them.

The author of that site posts here, but he doesn’t want people to know who he is for some reason.

Hmmmm… are you at liberty to elaborate?