List your Favourite Websites.

Here are a few of mine:
^^^That one may not be safe for office viewing, but I don’t think it’s adult enough to violate any of this sites rules
^^^ you find some very interesting articles there, click on the current events link on the left hand side to see them.



These are the websites I visit almost every day:

Wendy Knits!

Making Light

Australian Shepherd Rescue page

I like knitting and dogs (specifically, Australian Shepherd dogs.) Can you tell?

Oh yeah, and intelligent discourse (see Making Light). (pretty much for Savage Love and a few of the articles)
That’s all I can think of A) off the top of my head and B) appropriate for this forum. For StrongBad e-mails. And TROGDOOOOOORRRR comes in the NIIIiiiiIIIIGHT! Not porn, but memories of an '80s childhood. Although, Matt is a total hottie. All Elizabethan costuming, all the time. I love it. The Costumer’s Manifesto – great site for info about costuming anything. From furries to fairies, your bases are covered. and Both are living history groups, though I don’t really belong to either of them. I just dream of having the time and resources. All sonnets, all the time. Special section on Canadian sonnets. is essential.

I check Penny Arcade obsessively – they update for sure on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but sometimes you get bonus stuff.

I’ve been checking gadget websites a lot recently – Engadget and Gizmodo.

I stop by slashdot and Ars Technica for tech news.

And for the baseball stathead geek, there’s Baseball Prospectus.

That’s my regular round of sites.

When I first read the above I mis-read it as “I like knitting dogs”. Knit me a Jack Russel Terrier, will ya?

One of my faves is This guy has a sense of humor like lots of folks in my tribe. I consider him a kindred soul. While the Daily Bleat is good for a chuckle, I really like the Institute of Official Cheer. Especially the Gallery of Regrettable Food and the Art of Art Frahm.

Other than that my tastes vary and I just keep lookin’ around.


These are my daily links, in the order I usually visit them…

Nashville Tennessean - for Predators news. (They just clinched their first playoff spot; or, rather, the Edmonton Oilers clinched it for them by losing.)

Slam! Sports Hockey - for the rest of my hockey news.

Yahoo! Nashville Predators Club - the original Predators club (which, unfortunately, is a shadow of its former self since Yahoo! took so long merging their “Clubs” with their “Groups”).

Yahoo! Ultra Preds Fan - a newer, much more active Predators group.

MTG News - for Magic: The Gathering news and rumours. (Although I haven’t played in at least a year.)

Alice Cooper Song of the Day - although I already have every Alice album and more.

Superhero Hype! - for comic book movie and television news. - for more movie news and rumours.

The Anomalist - for daily cryptozoological, paranormal and supernatural news links.

Museum of Hoaxes - for daily hoax-related links.

Pro Wrestling Torch - professional wrestling news & rumours.

WrestleCrap - every Friday; the worst of the worst in wrestling.

And, then, after all that, I head to The Straight Dope

Can I get an amen?

Arts and Letters Daily.


Andrew Sullivan

The Atlantic

Christopher Hitchens

Deviant Art (art and photography)

Fark (news)

Worth 1000 (photoshop art)

Snopes (urban legends)

Sparknotes (obvious)

AllMusic (very thorough music site)

Internet Book List (novel review site…it’s slowly dying, so it needs new users)

Homestar Runner and The Onion are great.

Have never seen that before, and am having trouble working out if it’s supposed to be satire or not!

From the range of stories on the home page, it seems Americans are mainly thinking about the British media :confused:

LOL! It is not satire - the focus on British media right now is a bit unusual.

Here are a few: My favorite reference site. Web home of KC’s best morning show Already mentioned… worth mentioning again. Self-explanatory

Brain Candy - Insults Riddles Jokes Humor Wordplay Mind games A new addition to my favorites. For when I’m too lazy to crack open my copy of Larousse Gastronomique For my inner hypochondriac. Best e-cards available. (has links to some things that are not entirely appropriate for the board) (my friend’s journal… probably boring if you don’t know her)
and of course, H*R, but that’s been said…

I can’t remember the name of my fave… It’s a site where this (self-proclaimed?) highly intelligent man (and his minions) answer life’s nagging little questions, and lays to rest many an overlived myth. The name escapes me at the moment though… (not that jesusy, despite the name. It’s the blog of someone who once pursued the idea of becoming an Episcopalian priest, but she’s seemed to have dropped that lately) Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing

In addition to many of the sites already mentioned,

Without a doubt my favorite place on the web to be a know-it-all. Anyone who has worked in customer service can relate to this site.