List your Favourite Websites.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

8Legged Entertainment

Funny stuff…talented guys.

Deep Fried Live! at 8 Legged Entertainment is one of the funniest things on the internet. I just wish bittersweet hadn’t have beaten me to it.

A little more simplistic humor, but great fun all the same is Eskimo Bob. Either you love him or you hate him. I love it and I visit often.

Something Awful - I used to think this was a nice little hilarious discovery I made, but recently it seems to be obvious that most of the internet knows ALL about SA. They have a sense of humor that ranges from “In-your-face” inflammatory to “WTF” bizzare.

Nintendorks - It’s kind of hard to explain the appeal of this one to someone who doesn’t know its history. Nowadays it’s kind of a shared weblog that provides and discusses Nintendo news, but it used to be a very large site that updated daily with all the news even remotely related to Nintendo. The appeal was that the staffers are some of the funniest, most brilliant people around, and they would always put an Onion-esque slant of hilarity on every news item. They still do this to a degree, but their hey-day is long past. I still visit because of the friendly and interesting community.

Rinkworks - The brainchild of one Samuel Stoddard, Rinkworks is basically his place to… make entertaining things and share them. There is all sorts of random hilarity around this site; in fact, I believe that Rinkworks has been listed TWICE as a Weird Earl on the Straight Dope webpage, once for the hilarious “Book-A-Minute” feature, and another time for it’s “translator” which featured such options as Elmer Fudd speak, and Cockney. The community that supports the site may also give the SDMB a run for its money for the most raw intelligence in an internet community. You dopers win out only because you have a larger sample to draw from. :wink: (Most of the site hasn’t been updated for years, but it’s still amusing.)

Fun and odd ecards:

I forgot a couple: - Some of the best digital artwork ever produced. - Can’t be described, you just have to go there.

Looks like I am the only one… is the source for fans of The Simpsons.

AskMen - A site about…well…men.
CTV News - One of my main sources for Canadian and world news. - It’s not always easy to maintain my gifted level of pretentious verbosity.
Politics Canada - It’s about politics. In Canada.
LavaLife - Yes, I do some Internet dating.
What’s the weather like where I am? - Checked a couple times a day (because you can never be certain when a storm is comin’ over them thar mountains!).

“What’s your favorite …?” threads belong in In My Humble Opinion. I’ll move this for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

I’ve not spotted this being mentioned yet. Rob Cockerham’s site cockeyed check out the “how much inside” and science adventures. It’s been off the air for a couple of days but seems to be back now.

Craftsters no tea cozy without irony
Fark Almost as good as this place, more sarcasm, less content. Photoshop contests that will make you hork a burrito out your nose. - excellent online map and directions finder for lots of different countries. Well, alright, obviously it’s online… but anyway it’s good. You can link straight to the map or directions page you’ve created. - the “magazine of Christian unrest”. Ecumenical community site, often very funny (see the “Chances of Rapture Today” indicator at the entrance page). Lively forums, lots of intense debate. - it doesn’t come much more sceptical than this. The ultimate resource for the naturally dubious. - more scepticism. - fascinating, sometimes seems to pick up on stuff snopes misses. Links to other good sites too. - the granddaddy of urban legends sites. Comprehensive, almost invariably disinterested, and so well-respected that when they made some crap up for a joke it started showing up in newspapers and radio as “fact”! I’m not telling you which one’s the joke, you’ll have to find out for yourself. - free level one “Introduction to modern and contemporary art” course, run by the Tate Modern. - excellent resource for all things Peter Cook, plus wonderful downloads of out-of-print material. Including the entire EL Wisty album!

I forgot - an ever-growing dictionary of schoolyard reality. You’ll mainly be surprised by how utterly vicious and jungle-like it was. Very funny.