Websites you visit daily

Excluding the SDMB and Google search

  2. Fark
  4. Google News
  5. Aint it Cool News
  6. All Music Guide
  2. USA Today
  3. Speakeasy
  5. Geocities (to check on e-mail via my website)
  6. The Hunger Site
  7. The Dear Abby and Dear Annie columns

(No, I didn’t leave 1 off. That’s SDMB. And one of these days I’ll figure out how to make the url links correctly.)

I’m such a geek…

  1. - usually just skip to the featured confessions page.
  2. Various webcomics from Keenspot - don’t feel like linking to each individually - Sinfest, Lizard, ?, LWIBH, and Men In Hats, generally.
  3. Antares J.B. - not actually THAt page, but the stats page, because I have a big ego and need to see if people are listening. Which they sadly are not, it seems.

Sad to say it’s not the news or foreign affairs or even the freakin’ weather… what can I say, I’m a dork. :slight_smile:


Notice a theme?

I actually have a daily :internet catch-up" ritual for when I get home in the afternoon:

  2. My BU email account
  3. CNN
  4. Check my comics- Doonesbury and FBorFW
  5. The Bratpage
  6. CC Tiger Hockey Messageboard
  7. USCHO Messageboard

I actually check the SDMB 8th, to save the best for last. I open 2 windows, one for the first 3, another for all the rest.

Forgot one:

Can’t do the links, and the addresses might not be right, but…

and, of course, the SDMB. I usually leave it for last because if I wait until it’s after midnight, I have a better chance of getting through. Like right now. My favorite websites are food and clothing related.

Drat. Actually it’s

Neat. The thingy made the links for me. Neat. So I’m computer-illiterate, okay? :smiley:

Does “daily” include upwards of 5 times every day? I thought so.

Shadows of Amber Message Board
Wil Wheaton Dot Net
Google News
Oodly Enough
Angelfire (To work on various webpages and practice new coding)
Bruce Campbell Online
Ain’t It Cool?

Various Comics:
Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
Player Vs Player
Angst Technology
RPG World
Scandal Sheet
User Friendly Sluggy Freelance


(In the order I open the windows – if one is out of order, I rearrange the whole thing so it IS in order.)

  1. Neopets
  2. SDMB
  3. Council of Elrond
  5. Kyhm’s Forums
  6. Livejournal
  7. Hotmail

The seventh window is also used for going to whatever miscellaneous sites I check sporadically, but not daily.

After I finish up with my rounds of AOL (e-mail and three message boards, that’s about it), then I move on to my browser.

I set Opera to open with the SDMB, then while I browse through the boards, I check:

Yahoo Mail
The Hunger Site (actually, I get click reminders in my e-mail, otherwise I would probably forget to visit)
various friends’ journals
various comic strips, one everyday and the rest when it’s their update day
the local newspaper’s website

No particular order, though I usually visit journals and check my e-mail simultaneously and then check the newspaper and comic strips after that.

B.Pants, that’s a pretty fun website. I just joined today and I’m at level 31 right now. I’m still working out the rules of the game and trying to encorporate everything new they throw at me as I go up levels, but I’ll adjust soon enough.

yeah I joined too, interesting community there

  1. Cat of the Day
  2. College Roomies From Hell (comic strip)
  3. LiveJournal
  4. Fun Trivia
  5. DMP (friend’s website)
  6. TCGiant (friend’s website)

That’s about it, I think.