Did anybody else read "Mark and Janet" in grade school?

Sparked by this thread, I was reminded of the books used in my grade school (1969).

We didn’t have “Dick and Jane”. Instead, we had “Mark and Janet”.

Anydody else?

I’m sure I recall a ladybird (UK children’s publisher) series “Peter and Jane.” Only in retrospect, comparing this to “Dick and Jane” does this seem, well, disturbing…

I remember Mark and Janet. Just barely.

I remember Dick and Jane better, because my grandmother had stacks of those from her teaching days. And Sally and Puff. Wish I had those books now. :frowning:

I had Jack and Janet. Actually, their dog Tip(He looked like an Airedale) got first billing. First word on first page of my first reader was “Tip”. later readers introduced Mitten the kitten.

I also had the Tip and Mitten books. Remember Jack and Janet’s poor gullible kid sister, Betsy? I remember one book where Jack and Janet put their coats up over their heads and walked around to (successfully) scare Betsy into an Episode.

No, we had Dick and Jane. But occasionally, their poor relations, Alice and Jerry, visited the curriculum.

I don’t really remember what we used but this was late 80s, early 90s. Only thing I can remember for sure was some sort of miniature assignments on cards color-coded to tested skill level. It’s not surprising, in any case; I always preferred reading real books.

French Canada in the 1970s: Rémi et Aline.

We had Alice and Jerry in my school. I had always assumed that it was an older series than Dick and Jane and that my school was just too cheap to upgrade to Dick and Jane. I’m surprised to discover that the two series were published during approximately the same period.

I started the 1st grade in 1970 and I had “Dot and Jim.” Dot and Jim had most of the same adventures that Sally, Dick, and Jane had (and we got to read about Sally, Dick, and Jane occaisionally) and they even had a dog, though I can’t remember what his hame was.

Bland stuff and when we where older and supposedly more sophisticated we would snicker at it, but we did learn how to read from it.

I had Jack and Janet, but my sister had the (unrelated series, different school system by then) Mark and Janet to which you refer.

I can’t remember the name of the kids, but their dog was named Rusty.

I grew up on Jack and Janet and Chrissy. Books? What are those? :smiley:


I’m pretty sure it was Dick, Jane, and Spot was the dog. I distintly recall “See Spot Run” was the phrase that sticks in my mind.

Incidentally, I never read these fine tales. I could read well enough to skip straight to the Children’s Editions of Reader’s Digest when I was five. I managed to miss out on a lot of standard stories because of that.

I don’t remember the publishers of our collection of works, but I do remember the characters were Sam and Ann, with their dog Nip and their cat Tuck. Further on their friends Meg and Walter were introduced, as well as a Black kid whose name escapes me at the moment.

They were these paperbound books with an answer column on the inside margin, which we were expected to cover over with a strip of cardstock while we did the assignments. We had them over the course of two or three grades, ending in a multi-part story where Sam, Ann, and Walter end up in this fantasyland and meet half the Greek pantheon plus other assorted characters. I don’t remember how the story ended but I do remember feeling sad the story, and the series, was finally over.