Did anybody get into Chozen?

It’s cancelled, not coming back, but Chozen grew on me.

To recap, Bobby Moynihan voiced the lead character Chozen, who had just served 10 years in jail, and had no idea how things worked in the civilized world. He got man raped so many times in jail, he got bulked up and became the man raper himself. He treated everybody like they were prison bitches, but he had a heart of gold. He wanted to become a famous rap artist, but had to contend with his archenemy Phantasm, who set him up in the first place.

Chozen reminded me of Bear, a gay dude who used to live in my neighborhood. Instead of rap, Bear was into classic rock, and pretty much had the same attitude as Chozen. He was big and burly too, and would tell me all about the times he went cruising for dick, despite me begging him to shut up about it. I wanted to show him Chozen, but he moved to Key West with his bf.

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I watched the first three episodes, and it never grew on me. Almost completely lacking any funny. I just didn’t get it…

That was my feeling. Maybe it developed more but Archer (its lead-in) has a main character who’s a complete dick but redeemed as a character by being funny. Chozen was just a dick to everyone around him but not especially funny and didn’t give me any reason to want to watch him act like a dick. I think I gave up partway through the second episode.

It’s weird, I watched every episode thinking “ok this time it’s going to be funny!” but in fact I don’t think it ever lived up to its promise. I certainly wasn’t heartbroken that it got canceled (I’m much more heartbroken about Trophy Wife, which was legitimately funny) but I still came back every week for… well, I don’t quite know why.