Did anybody keep their Milli Vannili CD?

Before they were found out to be fakes, Milli Vannili sold over 6 million copies of their debut CD.

After the revelation, did you (or someone you know) keep the CD?

I never liked Milli Vanilli, but my ex-wife loved them, and still played their CD long after they were exposed as frauds.

And why not? IF you liked the music before, why wouldn’t you still like the music after finding out that someone else was really performing it? Heck, I loved the Monkees when I was 7, and still like a lot of their songs now, even though I now know that they weren’t really playing the instruments on their biggest hits.

If you’ve just gotten tired of “Blame It on the Rain,” that’s one thing. Feel free to throw the CD away. But to toss it because Rob and Fab weren’t the real singers is as silly as throwing away your favorite football video game after finding out that John Madden didn’t really have anything to do with creating it.

That question is gonna bug me all day, now. A girl I knew was nuts for Milli Vanilli, and bought the CD, I believe. I lost touch with her years ago, and I have no idea if she still has the thing.

If I’d been one of the studio musicians who complained about being overshadowed by the two pretty boys, though, I’d be kind of irked that nobody liked the MUSIC enough to hang onto the CD after the two pretty boys were revealed as album cover decoration…

I still have the 12" vinyl long play remixes of Girl You Know It’s True and Baby Don’t Forget My Number which I used to mix together. It was very popular at parties I DJed long after the news broke. A DJ friend I still keep in touch with says their stuff is making a comeback of sorts what with all the 80s theme parties he’s been doing.

I wish I had that gum commercial they did on video. It was priceless.

I think I’ve still got the cassette tape somewhere. I never listen to it anymore, but not because of the whole lip-synching scandal.