Did Anybody Watch Graceland?

I just saw an ad for it, and realized that I forgot to watch the premiere last night. Was it any good?

And while I’m here, does anybody know whether “The Bridge,” which was heavily advertised during the last several episodes of “Justified,” is worth watching?

I watched a couple of minutes and then decided to come back to it later.

What channel is it on? I saw a listing for what I thought was the same thing on G4 and now I’m wondering.

The Bridge looked good to me too but I haven’t come across it yet.

Graceland is on USA Network and aired after Burn Notice. I expect that USA will rerun Graceland several times during the week. It was OK; it’s a police procedural set in a beach house in Los Angeles. The only thing I may not like is that the initial episode introduced a plot element that’s clearly meant to bubble just under the surface for the entire season, or throughout the series run.

As for The Bridge; I’m leery, as it’s based on a moody Scandinavian drama and AMC’s adaption of The Killing soured me on those.

Watched it, lot of players in it that you’ve seen in othe shows( Burn Notice, NCIS, Law and Order original) based on an actual place according to the opening credits. I’ll give it a go.(nice male and female eye candy :D)

We watched Graceland.

It could get good, but right now I think I was a bit annoyed by the ever-too-cool attitude of all the current inhabitants of the house vs the “new guy”.

Yeah, I know there is always a club of sorts with those who have been in a job/position/workforce for awhile, but this was more like a bunch of brats at a summer camp who have been going to this summer camp every year for many years, and they are kind of insufferable. I mean, there is “quirky” and then there is “obnoxious quirky”. Maybe one person would act like that, but every one of them seemed to be acting like an entitled, spoiled brat, despite the fact that they are supposedly professional adults.

I know the tag line for USA is “Characters Welcome”, but so far this show is like putting a half dozen variations of Adrian Monk in one house and then stirring the pot. Maybe over time it will be fun and interesting, but right now it is character overload.