Did anyone else notice CBS gave away the Survivor winner by mistake??

Before Jeff read the votes at the live show, the crew was supposed to bring up (presumably) the “LIVE” graphic on the screen, instead they brought up a graphic that read “Jenna’s Family”, giving a huge hint as to the winner well before the votes were counted.

I’d like to know if this was cut-out of the west coast feed…

I totally missed that actually.

I noticed that as well. I figured they had lots of shots/captions queued (like Butch’s hometown), so I didn’t put any thought into it.

I just noticed that you could read the last couple letters of Jenna’s name when Rob held up his vote to explain his (unrevealed) vote to the camera. You could see right through the parchment.

I figure the crew was a bit frazzled b/c they had to move the show from Central Park to the ES Theatre on a last minute change due to weather.

At first commercial break, they missed cue and held on a shot of Jeff’s back for a good couple of seconds as he thought they had cut away to commercial.

I DID notice the blooper as well, and I was actually looking for Jenna’s family (and not seeing her, of course). I simply thought it was a mix up at the time. But after Jenna was proclaimed the winner and we DID see Jenna’s family with the caption underneath…I realized they had given it away.

Damn character generators. Yep, we noticed it, but didn’t automatically think that meant Jenna won. I did see that Rob had voted for her through the parchment. I wonder if he guessed that Matt blew the final challenge on purpose?