Did anyone ever [post a worthwhile thread in the six 'main' forums on the same day?]

I’ve square-bracketed all but ‘did anyone ever’ because I want this thread to be open to similar ‘did anyone ever’ questions.

By ‘six main’ I mean Pit, MPSIMS, IMHO, Cafe, GD, and GQ. Don’t ask me why the others don’t count, but they don’t.

I’ve wondered this on occasion during my tenure as a member.

Before or after imbibing 3 centiliters of single malt scotch?

I don’t know, but I think if someone made this their goal it wouldn’t be that hard. Just save up ideas until you have a good one for all six boards.

Who decides what are worthwhile? The poster? The other posters? A panel of judges made up of the mods and the SDSAB, but is really just a puppet government whose strings are held by He Who Must Not Be Named (but I will anyway: Cecil Adams!)?

I have.

But my modesty prevents me from posting links.