Did anyone know of Boris Gudunov before Boris Badenov

… If that’s what you are.

This for me also. My mom might have heard of Gudunov before the cartoon came out; likely my dad had not.

I actually own the complete Boris Gudunov (“Godounov”) opera. I’ve always made the pun “Good Enough” in my head, but never heard of Boris Badenov.

No one could bad pun like Bob Clampett on the Beany and Cecil show.

Seeing as I watched the Rocky cartoons when I was six, naturally Badenov came first.

Same as others above. Badenov first, about age ten. Ten years later I began studying classical music and quickly became aware of the Mussorgsky pun.

I cannot remember when I first heard of Boris Gudunov, but it was definitely after Boris B.

I don’t get this one…

I heard of Badenov first. But I did learn my first pun, which was not his name, on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

King Louie the Toiti-Toid (XXXIII) was a US sailor who got washed overboard and ended up ruling a tiny island that he named New Greenpernt. Being from Brooklyn, he of course taught the natives English with a New York accent: “goil” for girl, “boid” for bird, “joik” for jerk, and so on. “Greenpernt” would be Greenpoint in Standard American English.

Fun Fact: This accent apparently owes a lot to the Irish immigrants who settled in NYC in the 19th century.

Never hard of Boris Badenov. But I have heard of Ripme-Korsetzoff.

There was once a sportscaster from Brooklyn (I don’t remember his name) who was giving a play-by-play of a baseball game in which a player named Hoyt was hit by a pitch. Instead of “Hoyt is hurt!” listeners heard “Hurt is hoit!”

Is he any relation to the author of Russian Tortures, Ivan T Kutchyurkokov? :dubious: :confused:

I think a lot of people here have completely missed the fact that Boris Godunov (as the Wikipedia article spells it) was a real person and not just a character in a play/opera. It would be like asking someone if they knew who Julius Caesar was and someone said “yeah, I saw that Shakespeare play”. Godunov was a major figure in Early Modern Russia. I was very confused about people talking about music until I guessed that there was presumably a dramatization of his quite interesting life.

You didn’t know there was an opera? :dubious: :confused:

My very Irish-American mother from the Bronx pronounces oil burner as earl boiner. I kid you not.

A po’em from my childhood

Two doity boids
Sat on de coib
A choipin and a boipin
An eatin doity woims

In an interview, Mel Blanc once said he wanted Bugs Bunny to sound tough, but couldn’t decide who was tougher, guys from Brooklyn or guys from the Bronx. So he decided to combine the two accents.


Turns out the King was Amos, not Louie: Amos Bushwick. Bushwick the Toiti-Toid.


Larson weighs in:

Huh. I know Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle, but had no memory of any last name involved, so I voted the last option.

Back when Modern Warfare 2 was big my gamertag was Schatia Legov