Did anyone see Steve Nash on Letterman?

Did anyone see NBA all-star Steve Nash on The Late Show w/David Letterman earlier this week? I missed it and was curious about how he was as a guest. He is very popular with the Dallas media, but I wondered what the national audience thought of him. Anyone care to weigh in?

Go Mavs!


Dan Dickau needs to be drafted by the Mavs. He’s perfect for their “white guys that can really shoot but have terrible hair” strategy.

John Kruk was the best athlete guest ever in the history of LSWDL. As Bill Simmons on ESPN.com says, “i will not argue about this.”

I thought he was very charismatic and actually did not realize he was a basketball player until they showed the playoff clips. I think you guys have a respectable ambasador, but… go Pistons !.