Did Benedict Cumberbatch just dis Trump?

On NBC’s Sunday morning show they aired an interview with Willie Geist and Benedict Cumberbatch.It came towards the end of the segment but if you don’t feel like watching it, WG asked him about playing the Grinch and he said something to the effect of “if there’s a grinch in your life or world - he doesn’t have to be green, he could be . . .orange . . .”

Either it’s totally obvious that it was meant as a sly dig or I’m looking for something that isn’t there (Either way I feel like a doofus not knowing which it is).

Yes. Blatantly obviously.

I’m just going to chock it up to his excellent acting skills and not my dim bulb :smack:

OK, so tell me this - does the host get it, or is it just a whoosh?

I can’t tell.


I’ve always liked Benedict.

That’s part of what threw me off. There’s no trace of a knowing smirk or any sign of acknowledgement on Willie Geist’s part. I know it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to comment or roll his eyes, but the way he completely fails to register the comment made me wonder if I was just imagining the slur.

I’m confused…

We still say “dis”? :confused:


:stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure that we do, now that you mention it. Hell, I wasn’t even sure how to spell it.

Dis and diss are both correct, per the OED. Dis is also an adjective for something that is broken or not working or (figuratively) someone who is weak in the head… :slight_smile:

Well, you have an English flag as your profile pic, so I guess you know what you’re talking about… :wink:

It’s extremely fashionable for celebrities to “diss” Trump, although it was subtle enough I doubt he’ll receive enough virtue signal points to earn him a standing ovation from his peers, like, let’s say, Robert De Niro’s “Fuck Trump!”

good thing the MAGA bomber is locked up or he might have added Benedict to his list.

Yes, obviously a dig. As for the non-reaction by the host, I think it’s a case of a typical American entertainment reporter/host being typically smarmy and un-engaged and not really listening. Plus a lot of Americans don’t really pick up on British humor in general.

Of course it was a dig at Trump, entirely in line with BC’s other comments on assorted political and social issues, e.g., he has referred to the

and there’s this, among others:

Frankly, I’m surprised OP seems surprised.

Ahem! That’s the Union flag. The English flag is a red cross on a white background.

:eek: I stand corrected! :eek:

Not so much surprised, just wasn’t sure it I was reading it correctly. Not being a big fan of BC (though I like him a bit more now!) I had no idea about his political opinions.

…yeah, BC is one of the good ones, who uses his privilege to try and “make the world a better place.”

For example, his stance on equal pay for his female co-stars.