Did blue genies originate with Disney's Aladdin?

But most certainly not a jinn. Completely different culture, religion, and artistic heritage.

I think we gathered that from DPRK’s use of “Cf.”.

My point was that the comparison is invalid and irrelevant.

Most certainly. I am definitely not suggesting there is a link between the two. Only pointing out that jinn are not the only creatures to be depicted with stylized skin colour. Also, I cannot say that Disney illustrators were influenced by any Hindu iconography, I have no such information or reason to suspect it. You are right that since we are talking about the specific movie, bringing it up was irrelevant.

I thought that perhaps the ‘color came and went’ because of a poorly controlled matte process. I think they had to do the color matching frame-by-frame for that film.

That was the first blue-screen color film, so if he is deliberately blue, that would have been an extra difficult step.